Singapore Recipes: a Collection of much loved Singaporean Recipes by Azlin Bloor, PDF

February 3, 2018

Singapore Recipes: a Collection of much loved Singaporean Recipes

  • Title: Singapore Recipes: a Collection of much loved Singaporean Recipes
  • Autor: Azlin Bloor
  • Publisher (Publication Date): AZ Entertainment (December 10, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: |
  • ISBN-13: |
  • File Format: EPUB, PDF


Cook authentic, tasty Singaporean meals quickly and easily

  • Step-by-Step Detailed Instructions for Every Recipe
  • Handy Hints and Tips Throughout
  • Detailed Descriptions of Essential Ingredients
  • Vegetarian Dishes and Vegetarian Alternatives
  • Suggested Menus
  • Drinks Recipes
  • Descriptions of the Major Cultures and Cuisines of Singapore
  • Imperial and Metric Measurements
  • Exclusive Bonus Recipes from my Next Books
  • Links to my Accompanying Shows and Videos
  • Packed with 66 Original Photos
  • 250 pages


“Singapore Recipes” is a collection of much loved, authentic recipes from Singapore written by Azlin Bloor, a multicultural Singaporean Chef and Cookery Teacher.
Step into her kitchen as she shares her unique cross-section of Singaporean food culture with you: Malay, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Eurasian, Nonya and more.
Learn how to cook iconic dishes such as: Mee Goreng Mamak, Claypot Chicken, Nasi Lemak, Devil Curry and some of the almost forgotten ones like Eurasian Beef Smore.
With fool-proof, step-by-step instructions, essential ingredients explained in detail, handy hints and tips as well as menu suggestions and a selection of accompanying cooking videos. You’ll be cooking amazingly tasty Singaporean cuisine before you know it!

What Other People Say

  • “The new Nigella… only better!”
  • “I feel like I’ve got a personal tutor”
  • “Very good for beginners interested in South East Asian food”
  • “We are vegetarians and love the vegetarian alternatives!”
  • “This cookbook is so user-friendly”
  • “I am quickly learning the art of Singaporean cooking”
  • “……easy to read, nice recipes – I would recommend this book”

If you’re ready to cook delicious, authentic Singaporean cuisine, treat yourself and download “Singapore Recipes” now.


I am certainly a noob when it comes to cooking. Traditionally mom, and then spouse, have spoiled me. Never having to step into the kitchen other than having to help open a jar or slice onions, I often wished I could also cook. Only recently have I made my first few forays into the kitchen and self-taught myself to make some simple foods like Pizza and some basic pastries. Just last week, I took a recipe off the web and made a simple stir fry noodles dish – turned out a disaster! 🙁 I have been banned from repeating this one! I have been waiting for a book like this – where the author has taken considerable steps to clearly describe each of the Asian spices and how they are used in the various dishes. She also suggests alternatives for them, so that if you cannot find the exact spice, you still have options to cook your dish. She starts the book with a great introduction to the various cultures and cuisines in Singapore, which sets the stage for the recipes to come, which are categorized logically into food groups like rice, vegetables, meat, seafood, etc. This is useful, as most meals in Singapore comprise of a mix of dishes from each of these categories. She also has helpful suggestions as to complimentary recipe combinations to make up meals. The recipes themselves are easily followed, especially for a beginner cook like me. I look forward to trying out all the recipes from here! Each recipe is preceded with a photo of the final result, so that we know what we are trying to accomplish. Even though each dish looks complex and flavorsome, Azlin has managed to list the steps in preparation and cooking in simple yet descriptive terms. There is even a section of recipes for famous Asian drinks, including Bandung and the Singapore Sling! I guess the one thing missing from the book is a section on Noodle recipes, though she is catering for this in a separate book. She has included a few of those noodle recipes in a bonus section, as a taste to come from her next book. All in all, 5 stars for this book as I think it is one of the few and most helpful Singapore cookbooks I have come across yet. I look forward to more to come from Azlin.
I have been waiting for this cookbook! So excited to finally get it~~love Lin’s culinary expertise, creativity and genius. This cookbook is so user-friendly~~I feel like I’ve got a personal ‘tutor’ in this delicious cuisine that’s always intrigued me, but in some ways intimidated me~~not so now, Lin’s handy hints, simple explanations and instructions will let me explore the major cultures and cuisines of Singapore!
Azlin has clearly got a pulse on Singapore and its varied cuisines…I’m enjoying reading about many known and unknown foods, and I like the suggested menus that bring it all together at the end of the book.


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