Smoothie Recipes: 101 Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss, Going Green and Overall Health by Darrin Wiggins, PDF, 1508686939

February 19, 2018

 Smoothie Recipes: 101 Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss, Going Green and Overall Health by Darrin Wiggins, PDF, 1508686939


Crush Your Weight Loss Goals With These Smoothie Recipes

101 Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss, Going Green and Overall Health is a compilation of fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie recipes for people who want to lose weight and get some greens in their life. There isn’t a specific section for weight loss as all these health enhancing smoothies are going to support your weight loss goals. Besides there is a deadly weight loss plan included with the book.

Anytime you add more fruits and vegetables to your diet your body will respond with more energy and improved vitality. If you feel better there is a greater chance you will eat healthier which leads you down the path to having the body you have always dreamed of.

Losing Weight With Smoothies

There is an important fact you need to know when it comes to losing weight using smoothies. You have to be very careful about the other foods you are consuming along with smoothies. This is due to the fact that some smoothies will be high in fruit sugars and the last thing you want to do is combine that with fatty unhealthy foods. That is a great recipe for getting fatter not losing weight.

Smoothies are not some miracle fat burner but work in conjunction with healthy eating. They work great for meal replacements or for people who just cannot eat enough vegetables. Vegetables are a weight loss plan’s best friend so you want to get chummy with them. The point is if you think you can just add a couple smoothies a day and the fat will just melt off you have been misled.

That is why this book provides that practical and easily implemented weight loss plan. It is a simple way to get your weight loss started using smoothies. When using smoothie recipes to help you lose weight ensure you keep an accurate count of the calories you are consuming. Healthy or not a couple extra thousand calories a day from smoothies plus your regular food will seriously impede your ability to lose weight.

With the provided weight loss plan you will know exactly how many calories you will need to be putting into your body for maximum weight loss.

Variety Is Key

101 smoothie recipes may sound like a lot but we both know you won’t love them all. You should buy a few smoothie recipe books in order to have enough variety that you stick to your goals. Whether that is going green, improving your health or losing weight you will get bored drinking the same thing day in and day out.

When you include variety in your diet it safeguards you against nutritional deficiencies and makes life a lot more interesting. Even if you want to lose weight that does not mean you need to stop enjoying food and life.

The main benefit of including smoothies in your lifestyle is the fact you are consuming more fruits and vegetables. In a society where we live a processed life it can seem difficult to consume enough healthy food.

101 Smoothie Recipes is perfect for anyone looking for new and exciting smoothie recipes to add to their daily life. Scroll up and grab your smoothie recipe book today.

Are You Ready To Get Blending?

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About the Author

Who is Darrin Wiggins? Darrin Wiggins is a best-selling weight loss and self-help author who has a passion for helping people change their lives. He spent over a decade helping people improve the quality of their life through goal coaching them to become more than they believed possible. He wanted to find a way to reach more people so he decided to share his knowledge by becoming a full-time writer. The passion for personal development books comes from the results he saw people getting with the goal setting work they were doing. Ordinary people were creating the lives of their dreams by focusing on their goals. By following the advice of the greats like Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy, Darrin now enjoys the life many people only dream of. His interest in weight loss turned into a passion after he lost 45 pounds in 12 weeks healthily and naturally by customizing a diet for himself. His personal weight loss success is the driving force behind the weight loss books he writes today. There is a diet out there that will give you the results you are looking for, but it takes trial and error. By combining self-help, goal setting and weight loss, people can tackle the internal issues that typically cause weight gain in the first place. Once a person discovers why they eat the way they eat, they can start the healing process and then focus on diet. Trying to lose weight when you are not emotionally healthy does not usually end with success. Once they combine emotional health and diet with goal setting there really is nothing they cannot accomplish both with their body and their life. He hopes his books truly inspire people to live healthy, think wealthy and discover their own definition of happiness. The life of your dreams is inside you and you deserve to live it.

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As a smoothie nerd, this added some great new recipes to my collection but what I appreciated most was the author talking about how getting into smoothies isn’t a one-time thing. When you are new to smoothies, several things may put you off – the color, the ingredients, the texture. Smoothies are so different from the rest of our diet in this way. I know drinking my first green smoothie took me a long time to work up to. Explaining this at the beginning of the book and how our tastes change so that ingredients that seem gross end up tasting delicious demonstrated how the author knows his stuff and is reassuring for a first time smoothie drinker.
Smoothie Recipes is an impressive recipe book that can help you get your mind and body energized and ready to zap fat. I love the fact that Wiggins explained the benefits of each recipe before diving in. Helps you understand why you should be drinking each yummy smoothie! I will say there are some you need to watch for the calorie count, if you are aiming to lose weight. Pushing 800 calories with one serving adds up fast. I was happy to see the majority ring between 200 and 400ish calories. Same as a mini meal would. Bottom line is this smoothie recipe book needs to be added to your book collection! Bravo!
Wiggins has provided a really good book with a ton of recipes to try. I bought the book and have gone over the recipes and content and I’m really happy with what I’ve seen. Can’t wait to begin trying the recipes. They are wide-ranging and reflect a variety of benefits from antioxidants to detoxing to digestive health and energy boosters. The Inflammation Booster is one I plan to try. There’s even a Chocolate and Acai Booster that sounds pretty good. My mom would have loved the Delicious Date and Walnut Delight. There’s a lot to choose from so I don’t expect to tire of smoothies any time soon. I also like the section at the back that Wiggins provided on how to incorporate these smoothies into a weight-loss plan. Good content, great range of smoothies, all in all a good book.

  • Title: Smoothie Recipes: 101 Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss, Going Green and Overall Health
  • Autor: Darrin Wiggins
  • Publisher (Publication Date): CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 2, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 1508686939
  • ISBN-13: | 978-1508686934
  • File Format: EPUB, PDF


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