Sports Nutrition: Vitamins and Trace Elements, Second Edition (Nutrition in Exercise & Sport) by Judy A. Driskell, EPUB Book 084933022X

April 4, 2018

Sports Nutrition: Vitamins and Trace Elements, Second Edition (Nutrition in Exercise & Sport)

In competitive sports where an extra breath or a millisecond quicker neural response can spell the difference between fame and mediocrity, a number of myths have persisted around the impact of what might be considered megadoses of various vitamins and trace elements. We do know that a growing body of research indicates that work capacity, oxygen consumption, and other measures of physical performance are affected by a deficiency or borderline deficiency in specific vitamins or essential trace elements. However, when it comes to providing larger doses, the research is conflicted

The second edition of Sports Nutrition: Vitamins and Trace Elements, edited by two of the most respected experts in sports nutrition, provides an updated critical review of these reports. The latest volume of this highly popular work includes a collection of chapters written by top researchers from several academic disciplines. Applying their expertise in specific vitamin or trace element nutrition as it relates to exercise and sports, they weigh in on the full alphabet of vitamins as well as a variety of trace elements, incorporating the most recent research. This edition adds chapters on choline and iodine. It also emphasizes new findings on vitamin and mineral metabolic reactions and provides in-depth discussion on the overuse of vitamins to toxic levels and its effect on physical performance.

Sports nutritionists, sports medicine and fitness professionals, researchers, exercise physiologists, students, health practitioners, as well as those lay-persons interested in optimal nutrition will find this book especially timely and highly helpful in sorting myth from truth.


The objectives are met with clarity and precision, making this a must-have book for any student or researcher in the sports nutrition field. …Very well organized and user-friendly, this book reviews relevant literature and is an excellent resource for anyone interested in sports nutrition and optimizing care for active individuals. While specific in its focus, the topic appeals to a variety of readers and is a valued component of any sports medicine library.-Doody’s Review Service…No aspect of nutrition related to performance has been excluded. This text is a must for a wide spectrum of individuals who deal with exercise and sport from the professional practitioner to the exercise or sport participant.– Catherine G. R. Jackson, PhDProfessor of KinesiologyCalifornia State University, FresnoThis book will be a valuable compendium of information for sports nutrition and would be a good reference book to have on the shelf for any sports nutritionist. — Wayne Askew, PhDProfessor and Director, Division of NutritionCollege of Health, University of Utah

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  • Title: Sports Nutrition: Vitamins and Trace Elements, Second Edition (Nutrition in Exercise & Sport)
  • Autor: Judy A. Driskell
  • Publisher (Publication Date): CRC Press; 2 edition (October 31, 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 084933022X
  • ISBN-13: | 978-0849330223
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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