Sushi: Taste and Techniques by Kimiko Barber, AZW3, 0789489163

July 13, 2017

 Sushi: Taste and Techniques by Kimiko Barber, AZW3, 0789489163

Sushi: Taste and Techniques by Kimiko Barber

  • Print Length: 256 Pages
  • Publisher: DK
  • Publication Date: July 6, 2017
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0789489163
  • ISBN-13: 978-0789489166
  • File Format: AZW3


This beautifully illustrated guide will enable readers to master and appreciate the art of sushi. The quintessential book for any sushi lover, Sushi: Taste and Technique shows you all you need to know about this exceptionally delicious and healthy cuisine, how to locate the freshest ingredients, how to use the right equipment, and how to master the etiquette of eating sushi correctly. From makizushi to hand rolls to vegetarian versions, this book teaches you how to create any kind of sushi.


One of the nine books that cover all you need to know about Japanese Cuisine

What do you need to know to enjoy Japanese cooking at home?
Here, in Kimiko Barber’s seminal work, is found the standards for all of Sushi preparation. From rice preparation (and, the variations on the delicate vinegar/sugar/salt seasoning for Sushi Meshi), to choosing and preparing fish, shellfish, and roe; and, the famous Japanese omelet and its variations; and, how to make pressed Sushi, Nigiri, Hand Formed, and Scattered Sushi – you simply cannot find a more concise and definitive guide.
Add to your bookshelf: Japanese Cooking, A Simple Art by Shizuo Tsuji; and, every book by Harris Salat and Tadashi Ono (Japanese Hot Pots, The Japanese Grill, Japanese Soul Cooking), the works of Elizabeth Andoh: Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen,
Kansha: Celebrating Japan’s Vegan and Vegetarian Traditions.

Those seven books are all one needs to have a thorough grasp of the techniques and standards of Japanese cooking for the home chef. That’s not all there is to Japanese cuisine, of course – consider these two additions one as art and the other as a guide:

The world of Kaiseki: The Exquisite Cuisine of Kyoto’s Kikunoi Restaurant by Yoshihiro Murata is beyond gorgeous and beyond the skills of even advanced home chefs.

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