FCCmigex dashboard now has in-depth plastics page

Food Packaging Forum publishes interactive tool dedicated to exploring plastic food contact chemical research; released as an update of the Database on Migrating and Extractable Food Contact Chemicals (FCCmigex) dashboard; users can filter data by 12 polymer types, includes 1975 chemicals detected in plastics

Plastics Circularity Multiplier online conference

Plastics Circularity Multiplier conference presenting Horizon 2020-funded circular economy projects to take place online on October 14-16, 2020; webinars free of charge, additional registration to open soon

P&P conference 2019: Industry perspectives on FCMs

Recycling, biobased polymers, NIAS among the important topics discussed at Smithers Pira’s conference on plastics and paper in contact with food

P&P conference 2019: FCM legal developments

Keynote talks and presentations during Smithers Pira’s annual conference on plastics and paper in contact with food inform about new EU legislation and global regulatory developments

Webinar on silicones in FCMs

Upcoming webinar to present on the use of silicones in food contact materials, discuss applications, regulations, migration, and toxicity

Paper and board in contact with food

Paper Technology Foundation” (PTS) expert meeting discusses current trends in paper and board in contact with food

Webinar on microplastics now available online

Recording of Collaborative on Health and Environment’s recent webinar on microplastics now available online for streaming

Webinar on bioplastics

News provider Plastic News Europe to host live webinar on ‘Bioplastics: Myths and Truths’

Forum on circular economy in Switzerland

Swiss Recycling to host forum on EU’s circular economy package; discuss status of Switzerland within the field; registration now open

3rd Joint Symposium on Nanotechnology

Symposium on April 9th-10th to focus on nanotechnology and include discussions on food packaging, the food chain, and regulation of nanomaterials in food