Study shows plausibility of PFAS from fluorinated HDPE containers contaminating food

Researchers from the University of Notre Dame detect PFAS & PFCAs in food stored in fluorinated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) containers for one week; authors recommend regulations on food contact uses

Scientists identify food packaging as organophosphate ester source

Scientists establish organophosphate esters (OPEs) baseline concentration in foodstuff across China and investigate the contamination sources; report extensive contamination of Chinese foodstuff with OPEs; uncover food packaging as source of these OPEs

Database sheds light on thousands of chemicals in food contact materials

Peer-reviewed study and freely available interactive tool provides systematic overview of food contact chemicals measured in migrates and extracts of food contact materials and articles

EFSA stakeholder workshop on small particles and nanoparticles in food

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) presentations provide guidance on small particles in food and feed applications (i) evaluating the potential presence of particles in ‘conventional’ materials and (ii) how to perform nano-specific risk assessment; stakeholders share experience and discuss practices to implement guidance cost-effectively

How does the food and beverage sector address plastic pollution?

Scientists review 68 corporate sustainability reports of major food and beverage companies on plastic pollution and packaging; find most reports do not address plastic pollution and focus on end-of-life options instead of sustainable packaging solutions

Phthalate exposure and health impacts

Four scientific articles report on phthalate exposure sources and impacts; diet partly explains urinary phthalate levels in adolescents and children surveyed in the US and New Zealand; review of reviews summarizes human health impacts; finds studies on women “generally underrepresented”; study indicates three phthalates affect human oral health

Review discusses contaminants in canned food

Scientists summarize literature on chemicals in can-packaged food including metals, plastic-associated chemicals, and furans; report generally low contaminant levels but a lack of non-targeted and suspect screenings; find canning steps, internal and external factors to influence contaminant levels

Review assesses 20 years of food safety research

Integrative review analyzes recent scientific advances in food and environmental safety; scientometric analysis reveals increasing multidisciplinary interest between 2001 and 2020; finds contaminants and environmentally friendly food packaging as emerging research topics in the field of food safety

Studies examine phthalate migration from PVC films and adhesives

Recent articles in scientific journals analyze plastic packaging and adhesive materials used in contact with food for phthalate content and migration; polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cling films and adhesive labels are source of phthalate contamination to food; food characteristics, e.g., structure of fruit peel, lipid content, influence migration level; recommend avoiding direct food contact to labels, minimizing exposure time

Game launched to inform about impacts of food choices

The Lexicon develops online game to bring awareness about personal food choices on health, environment, and culture; supporting resource articles provide insights from experts into developing sustainable diets, dietary guidelines, and making choices about the food we eat