The Art of Preserving Poultry by Atlantic Publishing Group Inc

  • Full Title : The Art of Preserving Poultry: A Little Book Full of All the Information You Need
  • Autor: Atlantic Publishing Group Inc
  • Print Length: 109 pages
  • Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group Inc
  • Publication Date: September 3, 2012
  • Language: English
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This little book is full of all the information you need about the art of preserving different types of poultry through canning, curing, smoking, and freezing. You will learn how to go about the process of storing it for long-term use in a variety of methods, plus easy to follow recipes. There are also sections on the basic understanding of preserving meat, equipment, methods, and general instructions. This all followed by case studies of real stories from real people, along with a list of resources to help you learn more about the art of preserving all types of meat.




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ke Roasted Root Vegetable Salad with Honey, Goat Cheese, and Walnuts (here), which incorporates peppery baby arugula, and Eggplant Lasagna (here), which replaces noodles with thin slices of grilled eggplant, my veggies are even healthier than before!

I did decide to give up sweet tea, on the off chance that it would lower my blood sugar a little. Now, sweet tea to a Southern girl is like a diamond to anyone else; we just love our sweet tea. I would start drinking it at eleven o’clock in the morning, and I’d have it all day long because it tasted so good. At night, there was even a glass by my bed. Later I calculated that I was consuming at least a gallon of tea with at least two cups of sugar a day, just from the tea! I tell y’all, it was hard for me to give it up, but somehow I managed to do it. I probably couldn’t even drink a glassful now; it would seem like I was drinking syrup.

In the past, I wanted to eat everything I loved, but I came to see that there could be a happy medium. At a certain point, you have to ask yourself if you want quality versus quantity. I realized that I could have a small portion of something rich once in a while, as long as I paid attention to what I ate the rest of the time. I even figured out how to make some of my all-time favorites, such as Family Reunion Deviled Eggs (here), a little bit lighter. And I’ve managed to cut the fat in The Lady & Sons Chicken Potpie (here) and my classic Paula’s Chicken and Dumplin’s (here) without losing any of their great flavors. I don’t even notice the difference! And Michael was really pleased that I could fit Savannah Baked Red Rice (here), one of his favorites, into our healthier lifestyle. All I had to do was substitute olive oil for the butter and use turkey sausage and low-sodium chicken broth. That made a big difference in the fat and salt content without losing the flavor we both love.

And I’m really working on the moderation thing. When I first started watching what I ate, I gave up rice, potatoes, bread, and desserts to jump-start my metabolism. At first it was very hard: It can make you feel singled out, like, “Why am I the only one in my family who has to do this?” And you can dive into self-pity. It definitely took some adjustment. I’d be craving my usual big portions and lots of carbs and sweets, but I’d keep telling myself I had to cut back because now that my condition was out in the open, people were looking to me for some answers.

Once I started to lose weight, I began to feel better about eating less, and I started to feel better physically. People would see me out and about and tell me how good I was lookin’, and I won’t deny that that was a boost to my spirits and helped me keep on truckin’. Their reaction also made me realize that I could make a difference by encouraging folks who were in the same situation.

It wasn’t easy to lose weight. I think that anybody can lose it, but it takes one hell of a person to keep it off! My favorite food in the whole world is potatoes, but for a while at first I gave up everything white—potatoes, rice, biscuits, bread, and pasta. I would eat only veggies and protein six days a week. Oh my gosh, was that hard! Then I gave myself one day a week to eat whatever I wanted—Saturday. I just lived for Saturdays. I’d go to a local restaurant and have me a wonderful cheeseburger with a side of broccoli instead of French fries. I would just sit and suck on that hamburger roll; it was so incredibly good. Nowadays, I’ll just have my Better Burgers (here) made with extra-lean ground beef to satisfy my craving.

The rest of the week, I watched everything I ate. Michael and I would have a nice big salad every night with regular dressing because that doesn’t have any carbs in it. We’d add about four ounces of shrimp, chicken, or steak and pile on a bunch of great veggies, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions, and also raisins or dried cranberries, or even some nuts. It really is delicious! Two other salads we enjoy often are my Double Green Salad with Green Goddess Dressing (here) and my brand-new Kale Caesar Salad (here).

These days, I’ll have some starch here and there and watch my portions and change my plate around. For instance, I’ll have one piece of toast and scrambled eggs, or sometimes I’ll fix myself an Ultimate Egg Sandwich (here). Another favorite is the Fruity Yogurt Smoothie (here) that Bobby concocted, with bananas, berries, and yogurt, all pureed in a satisfying shake.

I watch my carbs and pile my plate with scrumptious veggies, and I make sure to get some exercise. At this point, I’m not really dieting; I just don’t eat nearly as much as I used to, and I watch my starches. I hardly ever have French fries anymore; I’ll order a side of coleslaw instead, and I’m okay with it. In fact, raw cabbage is one of the best vegetables for your health, and my Easy Coleslaw (here) tastes just as good as the heavier versions.

My body and my appetite have learned to adjust, y’all. And I’m as surprised as you are. It’s amazing how, over time, little changes can give you big results. Just this past weekend I had some girlfriends to visit, and one of them made a sugar-free dessert. It was so good, you’d never know it was sugar free. And I’ve managed to slim down even my richest desserts, like Gooey Butter Cake (here), by using less butter so that I can still enjoy them. My new recipes for fruit pies—like my Apple Cherry Pie (here) with dried cherries—are a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth with a lot less sugar and fat. So far, by making these adjustments, I’ve lost forty pounds over the last year, and I feel great. It definitely gets easier the more you do it, and the more you get used to not piling your plate high with everything in sight. I really do feel that if I can do it—given that I’m surrounded by food 24/7, and my job is cookin’, eatin’, and talkin’ about food from sunrise to sunset—then anybody can do it.

I realize that I will never again be that 118-pound, 36-23-36 girl I once was. I think we all have a weight that we have to own, and that’s where we’re supposed to be. I also acknowledge that I am not going to live forever, nor do I want to die with a piece of lettuce in my mouth! I want to live life to the fullest, and one of life’s biggest pleasures is eating. That’s why it’s great that you can make small changes in what and how much you eat, as opposed to giving up everything. Then that one day a week—usually when my family’s over—I’ll eat what I want.

But it’s interesting; over time, what I want to eat has changed. Hard as it is to believe, your body does get used to smaller portions and feeling satisfied without being uncomfortably full. I’ll now have two of my Southwest Chicken Enchiladas (here) and feel totally satisfied because they’re so rich tasting. I poach the chicken meat and dip the tortillas in hot chicken broth instead of frying them, so they’re actually healthy. And I’ll limit myself to one of my Cheddar Chive Muffins (here). I adore these savory treats; sharp Cheddar and chives are so fantastic in a buttermilk muffin, and my family loves them too.

Now believe me, I still struggle with making the right food choices. It sure ain’t always easy. I have found that it helps to lose weight together, and Michael has been enjoying my lightened-up dinners. Jamie and Bobby have dropped so much weight eating leaner—so it really has been a family thing. They absolutely love my Slow Cooker Ribs (here), an easy way to get tender, lip-smacking ribs just like Daddy used to make. They’re sweet, salty, and tangy all at once!

Since I made a commitment to take care of myself, wonderful things have happened. It’s like God has put me just where I needed to be. I feel so grateful for all the good things that the Lord has sent my way. And I want to thank everyone for being steadfast and loyal, and for sending me nothing but good wishes, love, and support.

Looking Ahead

We Southerners like to show our love by feeding people, particularly when someone is under a lot of stress. That’s how you give a piece of yourself; it’s immediate gratification for someone who’s a people-pleaser. And offering a big ol’ spread of down-home cookin’ is a great way to share, even if you don’t have a lot of money sitting in your bank account.

Food is also a powerful vehicle to get your family together. If I haven’t seen my children in a while, I call them and say, “Hey, y’all, I’m going to be making something delicious tonight. And Bobby, you’ll be proud of me; it’s even low carb! Would ya’ll come eat supper?” And almost always they’ll say, “Yes, ma’am, we’ll be there!” So many memories come out of that group of people gathered around my table. Michael really enjoys the fruits of my labor too. I love to feed him and to hear him say that he’s crazy about a certain dish. One of our biggest pleasures is sitting down and having great food together. And it’s even better now that we are eating healthier, because we don’t leave the table feeling like we’ve overindulged.

I try to make every meal that I serve a celebration, because I believe a good Southerner always greets her guests at the door with a big smile and a big plate. Nowadays, I offer starters that are lighter in fats, such as my Southern Tomato Sandwiches (here). A little less butter makes a big difference in health, without sacrificing a bit of taste! The same is true for my Mini Hot Browns (here) that feature lean turkey, bacon, tomato, and cheese. Another new party favorite is Boiled Shrimp with Curried Yogurt Dip (here). The dip, made with Greek yogurt, is out of this world—nothing could go better with tender boiled shrimp!

I adore Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day because everybody on both sides of the family comes, so we have around forty people. I invite my daughters-in-law’s folks too; that way, Jamie and Bobby don’t have to choose whose house to go to. I just thrive on feeding our extended family. Before we start, we all stand up and hold hands, and the circle is so big that it stretches across our den, through the kitchen, and around the living room. One of the children says grace, and then we all dig in. I tell y’all, being with my family at times like these is the most important thing in the world to me.

At Thanksgiving everyone brings a dish, which allows us all to show off our cooking skills. I make the meats and two sides, with a special emphasis on vegetables, given my new style of eatin’. Everybody devours my Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Bourbon (here) and no one even guesses that they are a lighter version, using maple syrup and orange juice for sweeteners. Then the day after Thanksgiving I make my Southern Turkey Chili in a Biscuit Bowl (here) with lean ground turkey instead of beef. The smiles on everyone’s faces tell me I have a hit on my hands, so I want to pass this dish along to you!

I like to serve my crowd-pleasing Roast Leg of Lamb with Mint (here) on Christmas Eve, and for Christmas dinner, I always have a standing rib or tenderloin. With it I serve salad, lots of veggies, and some desserts that the kids love. Since I’ve been eating lighter, at these celebrations I’ll have moderate portions of my favorite dishes, while watching my carbs, starches, and fats, and I’ll feel perfectly satisfied. I’ve found that I hardly miss cutting out dessert. But on special occasions I’ll have a piece of my lighter but scrumptious Vanilla Buttermilk Pie (here) or Coconut Cake (here). One big bonus of having lost weight is that I have so much more energy now. My days tend to run from early morning till late at night, with lots of travel thrown in, and sometimes, before I got healthier, I would just feel beat. But now I can go for hours on end without getting nearly as tired.

This past New Year’s Day, I cooked up the best pot of collard greens I’ve ever put in my mouth. I made them with fresh pigs’ tails. I served the collards with candied yams, black-eyed peas, rice with country-style ribs, baked ham, and coleslaw. I always cook the same thing on New Year’s: black-eyed peas for luck, collard greens for financial success, and a hog jowl for health—go figure! That New Year’s Day meal was better than Thanksgiving and Christmas put together. Again, I ate moderately and watched my carbs, and I felt better than ever starting off a brand-new year with a healthy focus and being so much slimmer and trimmer.

I anticipate being able to share my love of good food with y’all for many, many years to come. I am also thrilled about sharing the lighter recipes on the pages that follow. You’ll notice that I’m using low-fat cream cheese or Greek yogurt in some dishes and about a third less butter and other fats. I’m replacing some sugar with honey and using less sugar and salt overall, cut by about a third to a half. You’ll see some whole-wheat flours and pastas; panfrying or sautéing instead of deep-frying; an emphasis on delicious veggies; and a reduction in carbs throughout. My strategy is balance. It’s not a “diet,” but instead it’s moderate eating without losing any of the delicious tastes and flavors that we all love. And while it’s no secret that I love mayonnaise (over the years it has featured in I don’t know how many dozens of my recipes), when I first set about lightening up my diet, I figured I’d better give light mayonnaise a try. And you know what I found out? It was just not for me. I would rather eat a dish made with a little less of the real stuff than use the same amount of the light stuff. And that has been the case with most other light products (with the notable exception of low-fat cream cheese and turkey bacon, both of which I use throughout this book). As far as low- and no-sugar items go, it’s been hit-or-miss. Some work for me (sugar-free fruit preserves can be wonderful), and some don’t. Now I realize that making these kinds of substitutions is a personal, case-by-case decision that depends on your specific dietary needs and your individual tastes. So to that end, I’ve made sure that the recipes in this book can work well with both the full-fat and full-sugar/carb products and their lighter cousins. If you use the low-fat/sodium/sugar products, these already lightened recipes (most of which have been reduced in fat or calories by at least 30 percent) will be even lighter. These choices keep food interesting and help keep you on the path to healthier eating. Experiment with the different options and find out what works for you. That’s exactly what I did, and the changes have been nothing short of a miracle.

The recipes in this book will let everyone re-create the Southern meals I’m known for, with a little less butter, salt, and sugar. From my rich-tasting Deviled Crab Salad (here) to my unbelievably good whole-wheat The Lady’s New Cheesy Mac (here), from Pan-Seared Pork Loin with Tomato Gravy (here) to my sweet-salty Holiday Baked Ham (here), from luscious Creamy Peanut Butter Pie (here) to Peaches and Cream Cheesecake (here), I just know you’re gonna love my new take on these mouthwatering dishes. And I call out fifty of my favorite classic recipes that I’ve lightened up (such as my biscuits, pimiento cheese, and shrimp and grits) so y’all can find them easily.

Always keep in mind that you can enjoy good cookin’ and eatin’ and still be healthy—and I’m living proof of that!

With all my gratitude and love,


Gettin’ It Started Apps and Snacks

Everyone who knows me knows I love a good party. And in my mind, no celebration is complete without a tempting array of appetizers. Spread out those little bites and the good times are sure to get started. That is what Southern hospitality is all about, y’all.

My new way of eating sure hasn’t stopped me from entertaining. Just as I’ve rearranged my plate for better eating, I have redesigned my party menu too. In this chapter you’ll still find classic party recipes such as Family Reunion Deviled Eggs (here) and Southern Tomato Sandwiches (here). You’ll just find them made a little bit lighter. It’s about moderation, y’all, not deprivation. A tablespoon less of butter here and there makes a real difference in health without changing the great taste of these dishes.

I’m also excited to unveil some fresh new recipes for you. My latest party hit is Boiled Shrimp with Curried Yogurt Dip (here). The Greek yogurt–based dip is creamy and tart and bursting with curry flavor. I tell you, tender boiled shrimp have found their perfect match in this dip.

If you haven’t discovered the beauty of figs, I guarantee my Bacon-Wrapped Figs (here) will do the trick. Sweet, juicy figs wrapped in salty, crispy bacon are just about too delicious for words. Of course, anything wrapped in bacon is a winner in my book, but figs are a winner on their own. Fresh figs are a great source of vitamins and minerals and all sorts of other nutrients, but most important, figs are jam-packed with good-for-you fiber. They are so tasty I like to snack on them even without dressing them up.

I think my cleverest new appetizer offering is Mini Hot Browns (here). They are a smaller, finger-food version of the classic Kentucky hot brown that I love so much. Lean turkey, bacon, tomato, and cheese are sandwiched in between two whole-wheat bagel halves. The hot browns look so cute coming out on a great big platter. People just snap them up!

When you’re figuring on what appetizers to set out, make sure you take into account what your main meal might be. If you’re fixing to make something on the heavier side, like slow-cooked ribs or a great big tray of enchiladas, make sure you serve some lighter options up front. But if you have a leaner meal planned, like salad and fish, go ahead and pull out all the stops with your appetizers. It’s all about balance.

When you find that balance in your daily diet, I reckon you’ll find that you’re not really doing without. Go on ahead and have your appetizers and your dessert! Just make sure the whole picture keeps your fat, sugar, carb, and calorie count in a healthful range. I tell you, I was so happy to learn this lesson I figured I had something to celebrate. So naturally, I got right on to planning my next party.

Crabby Shrimp Dip

Serves 8

This seafood dip is just as pretty as a picture. Its creamy, pale pink color looks fantastic in a dainty white bowl. But don’t be fooled by its delicate appearance; this dip is zesty and decadently rich. My son Jamie introduced me to an Asian chili sauce called Sriracha that I think adds just the right zing to the dip without overpowering the seafood. But if you can’t get your hands on Sriracha (which is sold in the international foods aisle of many supermarkets), go on ahead and use any old tomato-based chili sauce.

1 package (8 ounces) low-fat cream cheese (Neufchâtel), at room temperature

¼ cup regular or light sour cream

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 to 2 teaspoons Sriracha or other chili sauce

½ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

1 small garlic clove, finely chopped

6 ounces crabmeat, picked over to remove bits of shell

6 ounces cooked shrimp, peeled, deveined, and chopped

¼ cup chopped scallions (white and light green parts)

Salt to taste

Crackers and celery sticks for serving

In a medium bowl, beat together the cream cheese, sour cream, lemon juice, chili sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic until smooth. Fold in the crabmeat, shrimp, and scallions. Season to taste with salt and serve with crisp crackers and celery sticks.


I can’t stress enough the importance of choosing the right cracker or chip to dip into a delicious dip like this one. You can blow your healthy diet by choosing a fried, salty chip, and there are some excellent baked chips out there. Or better yet, load up the tray with crisp veggies for dipping.

Ham Biscuits

Makes 16 biscui


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