The Art of the Burger: More Than 50 Recipes to Elevate America’s Favorite Meal to Perfection by Jens Fischer, PDF 1632205084

January 18, 2018

The Art of the Burger: More Than 50 Recipes to Elevate America's Favorite Meal to Perfection

  • Title: The Art of the Burger: More Than 50 Recipes to Elevate America’s Favorite Meal to Perfection
  • Autor: Jens Fischer
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Skyhorse Publishing (May 5, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 1632205084
  • ISBN-13: | 978-1632205087
  • File Format: EPUB, PDF


The essential book to have on hand before you fire up the grill this summer.

In any city around the world you can find a burger twenty-four hours a day on virtually every corner—walk-up, drive-in, sliders, double size, super size, king size, and countless other variations on unimaginative, standardized fast food burgers from under the heat lamp. But there is another way . . .

The Art of the Burger is much more than just a burger recipe book; it is inspiration and a creative jolt for those who want more: innovative patties, inventive bun choices, imaginative toppings, creative preparation, and of course, more flavor. You really want to know what’s in your burger? Then the only way is, to do it yourself.

With premium meat, crispy bacon, gently melting cheese, and hamburger buns that do not taste like cardboard—The Art of the Burger looks at the perfect burger. Fresh, creative, and distinct from the classics, this burger bible presents exciting ideas you’ll never find in a fast food restaurant. It contains recipes for twelve types of bread and buns, eleven types of sauces, and fifty burgers of all sorts—not just beef patties, though a quarter of them are beef-specific, but ones using pig, poultry, seafood, veggies, and others ingredients instead of, or in addition to, a standard patty. There are even a few desert “burgers.” Beautifully designed and packed full of tips and guidance to make the perfect burger here is the book for burger lovers everywhere.

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This book is unlike any I have ever seen before. It’s packed full of delicious hamburger recipes and mind blowing combinations. There’s recipes for not only burger combinations and extraordinary flavors, but recipes for buns and condiments as well. “Brioche Buns” (page 11), “Spiced Buns” (page 15), “Sesame Buns” (page 18), “Whole Wheat Buns” (page 20), “Barbecue Sauce” (page 23), and several others just for examples – Caesar dressing, ketchup, hollandaise, mayonnaise, pesto and tarter sauce. The rest of the book is a “burger art form” I almost would consider it. Beautiful and amazing photographs of hamburgers deconstructed, showing their layers of condiment concoctions and flavor elements. Some of these combinations are truly out of this world! I highly recommend this book for lovers of hamburgers, and their love for all things flavorful.

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