The Chocolate Cake Sutra: Ingredients for a Sweet Life by Geri Larkin, PDF 006085958X

April 13, 2018

 The Chocolate Cake Sutra: Ingredients for a Sweet Life by Geri Larkin, PDF 006085958X

Chock full of moving and enlightening stories, The Chocolate Cake Sutra will help you let go of perfectionism and celebrate the sacred nature of the life you already have.

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First off, I do not as a rule write many reviews. But, this book and ALL of her books deserve high praise and have really spoken to me on many levels. I fell into this book by reading a review from my latest Body and Soul Magazine. I couldn’t be happier that I decided to take their advice and purchase it. I read this book in 2 days…could not put it down. It spoke to me on SO many levels! Geri writes as tho she is your best friend, sharing her journey with you and I could relate to SO many of her examples. I had purchased other books on Buddhism, but struggled to understand. I have a VERY busy schedule ( which after reading this I realize I MUST slow down) The other books left me a bit frustrated and frankly wanting to just fall asleep. This book was uplifting and down to earth. No pretense here…Just one person who is on a path of enlightenment expaining to another, the ups and downs to acheiving it and what the path entails. I felt as I was reading, that we were sitting together over a cup of tea and I was just listening to her. I felt very comforted and also found myself laughing out loud many times at her own trials and tribulations that I could really relate to. I was very disappointed to learn that she had moved to Seattle however. I live only 2 hours from Detroit and Ann Arbor. I was going to make a journey to the Temple to meet her, had I discovered her earlier. Unfortunately,she moved to Oregon and now is thousands of miles away. But there is a reason for everything and so instead I promptly ordered every other book she has written and finished one of them already. These are books are an easy and fast read, but have a lot of “meat” in them. I will be referring to them again and again…re-reading each one until the pages are sure to be worn. Thank you Geri Larkin for being you and for writing these amazing books! I am so happy to have “stumbled” upon you on my path toward enlightenment!
I’m a huge Larkin fan. So I loved the book in whatever condition it was. Thanks
Chocolate Cake Sutra, felt like sitting at a coffee shop having the most perfect talk on the most perfect day. Up lifting and inspiring, without being overwhelming, Geri Larkin brought a renewed sense of self with every word urging each of us, to find passion and inspiration in the most unexpected places.

  • Title: The Chocolate Cake Sutra: Ingredients for a Sweet Life
  • Autor: Geri Larkin
  • Publisher (Publication Date): HarperOne; Reprint edition (February 5, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0060836954 | 006085958X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0060836955 | 978-0060859589
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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