The Collagen Diet, Pamela Schoenfeld MS RD LDN, epub, 1612438326

  • Print Length: 200 pages
  • Publisher: Ulysses Press
  • Publication Date: October 23, 2018
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1612438326
  • ISBN-13: 978-1612438320
  • Download File Format: epub


The first-ever guide to harnessing the power of collagen with food and supplements.

The formation of collagen by your body is absolutely essential for the rejuvenation of skin, hair, nails, bones and joints. More importantly, collagen gives these tissues the youthful elasticity, flexibility and strength needed to ward off degeneration before it begins.

Written by a registered dietitian and packed with scientifically proven techniques, helpful strategies and delicious recipes, this book offers simple steps to boost your body’s natural collagen production. Pam Schoenfeld reveals ways to keep skin more youthful, hair stronger and bones more resilient, explaining everything you need to know about collagen, including:

• What it is and how your body utilizes it
• Why you need collagen protein in your diet
• How it supports wellness, beauty, and good health
• How to utilize collagen to better manage weight and blood sugar issues
• How collagen can support your antioxidant and inflammation defenses
• How much to consume daily and which foods naturally contain it
• How to choose an effective supplement
• What other nutrients and foods support your body’s collagen production

About the Author

Pam Schoenfeld is passionate about the power of nutrition to enhance both the quality and quantity of life. At the age of 42, she discovered the ancestral way of eating and saw amazing improvements in her own health and vitality. Part of her new way of eating was to include more foods rich in collagen. Inspired by the positive changes in her own life, she enrolled in graduate program for nutrition and became a registered dietitian nutritionist at the age of 50. Pam runs a busy, functional nutrition practice in Raleigh, North Carolina focusing on women’s health at every age.

I am a registered dietitian whose passion is helping individuals of all ages look and FEEL their best. My mission is to spread the power of ancestral nutrition as the key to good health at every age, young, old, or in-between. I love sharing my knowledge in my private practice. I was inspired to write “The Collagen Diet” because so many patients were asking my opinion of collagen supplements. After I delved into the research, it was clear to me that almost everyone could benefit from a rich source of collagen in their diets. It also became clear that deciding on whether or not to take a supplement, which ones to take, and what to watch out for, should be done with the most accurate and up-to-date information. Beyond just educating readers about collagen protein, I explain how collagen fits into the context of an overall nutrient-dense diet. A little bit about my journey: two decades ago, I was struggling to have enough energy to raise my three children and keep up with a part-time job. That all turned around when I ditched my plant-based diet for one that included uniquely nourishing animal-based foods, including foods rich in collagen protein. Inspired by my own personal health transformation, I embarked on a crusade to share the information with anyone and everyone I could. Motivated by the responses I was getting from family, friends, and clients, I earned my graduate degree and changed careers (from a personal fitness trainer to a dietitian/nutritionist) so I could help even more people seeking evidence-based answers to what to eat and why.



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