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April 19, 2018

The Complete Book of Outdoor Cookery

Two preeminent culinary experts take the gourmet dining experience outdoors

From the traditional American backyard barbecue to the portable grill on an apartment rooftop, this cookbook showcases the simple, charming pleasures of cooking and eating outside. This complete and detailed guide offers indispensible tips and lessons on a wide range of scrumptious dishes—including pineapple-broiled spareribs, Peking duck with red bean sauce, and gingered roast chicken—that will have novice chefs and seasoned cooks alike barbecuing outdoors in no time. Beard and Brown provide such useful information as how to choose and master any grill and how to build a fire that is the perfect temperature. Whether it’s adding a flavorful tarragon sauce to round out the perfect roast lamb or spit roasting a whole albacore tuna, each of these flavorful recipes highlights the authors’ personal touch. Every section includes a detailed list of instructions and ingredients, a checklist, and personal suggestions straight from the chefs themselves.
Ideal for picnics, camping, and backyard celebrations, The Complete Book of Outdoor Cookery offers rustic yet stylish recipes for any occasion. An absolute must-read for both the entertainer and the lover of the great outdoors.


“Good reading about eating.” —The New York Times   “As complete a book on outdoor cookery as one can find. James Beard is a genius at explaining away the mysteries of well prepared food.” —Los Angeles Times   “A really good book. And it is timeless . . . crammed with practical advice and personal insight, sensuality, and a friendly desire to eat the food they are talking about.” —Jeremiah Tower  

About the Author

James Beard (1903–1985) was an American cookbook author, syndicated columnist, teacher, and television personality. Designated the “dean of American cookery” by the New York Times, Beard laid the foundations for generations of amateur and professional food enthusiasts. After publishing his first cookbook in 1940, Beard went on to host the NBC cooking show I Love to Eat. In 1955 he founded the James Beard Cooking School, where he taught for many years. Over the course of his career, Beard wrote countless cookbooks, including several seminal works, and he inspired and influenced chefs throughout the world. His legacy lives on through the James Beard Foundation, established in his honor to provide scholarships and awards recognizing excellence in the culinary arts. Cookbook author Helen Evans Brown (1904–1964) was considered the foremost expert on California cuisine. Her best-known work, West Coast Cook Book, introduced the nation to the local ingredients and flavors of the Pacific coast, and was noteworthy for its pioneering use of historical detail and social commentary alongside recipes, which has since become commonplace in food writing. A close friend of James Beard, she corresponded with him for many years, and their letters were collected and published in Love and Kisses and a Halo of Truffles. They also coauthored The Complete Book of Outdoor Cookery. Brown’s other books include Chafing Dish Book and, with her husband. Philip, The Boys’ Cook Book and Breakfasts and Brunches for Every Occasion.


Years ago I purchased a paperback edition of this book and it taught me how to lift my steaks and chicken breasts to a higher level plus it has salads and other accompaniments that also stand out a bit. This was where I learned to force an herbed butter under the skin of a chicken breast to maximize flavor and where I found that blue cheese and fresh rosemary lifted a good steak even higher on the ladder of tasty grilled cuisine. I just had to purchase an original hard cover to preserve my access to these recipes. The original binding on my copy stood up well but I do not see signs that it was used all that much. Contemporary grilling books are only different; not better and this book bears republishing.
This is the definitive outdoor cookery book in the sense that it constantly integrates technique, pairings, and preparation and translates them into total meal experiences. It’s easy to find the perfect side, or start with one and develop it into a party menu. Beard’s off-hand casualness in dealing with seemingly complex dishes gives courage, and one or two meals will boost confidence and inspiration. Great, great book that breaks from the pedestrian fare so typical of the genre.
This book includes everything you could ever imagine cooking on the grill and then everything you could never imagine cooking on the grill too!

  • Title: The Complete Book of Outdoor Cookery
  • Autor: James Beard
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Open Road Media (May 5, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0517163829 | 0060972068
  • ISBN-13: 978-0517163825 | 978-0060972066
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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