The Cook’s Atelier: Recipes, Techniques, and Stories from Our French Cooking School by Marjorie Taylor, Download PDF 1419728954

April 14, 2018

 The Cook's Atelier: Recipes, Techniques, and Stories from Our French Cooking School by Marjorie Taylor, Download PDF 1419728954

The debut cookbook from The Cook’s Atelier—the international culinary destination and cooking school in Burgundyis a beautifully photographed resource on classic French cuisine and an atmospheric chronicle of a family’s life in a charming French village.
Mother and daughter American expats Marjorie Taylor and Kendall Smith Franchini always dreamed of living in France. With a lot of hard work and a dash of fate, they realized this dream and cofounded The Cook’s Atelier, a celebrated French cooking school in the storybook town of Beaune, located in the heart of the Burgundy wine region. Combining their professional backgrounds in food and wine, they attract visitors from near and far with their approachable, convivial style of cooking.
Featuring more than 100 market-inspired recipes and 300 exceptional photographs, this comprehensive reference is an extension of their cooking school, providing a refreshingly simple take on French techniques and recipes that every cook should know—basic butchery, essential stocks and sauces, pastry, dessert creams and sauces, and preserving, to name a few. Seasonal menus build on this foundation, collecting recipes that showcase their fresh, vegetable-focused versions of timeless French dishes, such as:

  • Green Garlic Soufflé
  • Watermelon and Vineyard Peach Salad
  • Little Croques Madames
  • Sole Meunière with Beurre Blanc and Parsleyed Potatoes
  • Seared Duck Breast with Celery Root Puree and Chanterelles
  • Madeleines
  • Plum Tarte Tatin
  • Almond-Cherry Galette

Stories of food and life in the village and the unique atmosphere of the atelier accent this personal cookbook. We can almost hear the clanking of the copper pots, the hiss of the vintage espresso machine, and the merriment around the table, as we meet some of the region’s best small farmers and artisanal producers and experience how Marjorie and Kendall’s family works together to create this special place.
More than a practical introduction to classic French cooking, this richly illustrated volume is also a distinctively designed celebration of the French art of joie de vivre and an inspirational primer on adopting elements of the French lifestyle, no matter where you live.

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I am so excited to finally receive this book. I’ve been waiting for this for a while, because I had the amazing pleasure and experience to cook with Marjorie and Kendall a few years ago. Frame of reference about me: I am a self-taught cook since 1997. However, I had always wanted to take an extended course, at least a week in France as that is the area of cooking with which I am most familiar. After a lot of research, I chose Marjorie’s course in Burgundy. Marjorie comes with an impressive culinary history. What particularly interested my was that she studied at La Varenne under Anne Willan. I chose to take a 5 day course with my brother. Kendall’s knowledge of Bourgogne wines and cheeses is extremely impressive. We spent about 6-8 hours each day, cooking, talking, and learning. Because they are so careful to choose products that reflect what is in in season, you only get to cook a portion of their recipe catalogue when you work with them in Beaune. With this book, I now get a whole collection of the recipes, beyond what we were able to make during the week with them. She trained with some of the best, and it’s reflected in the recipes. Also, because she works so closely with local producers and artisans, she has all their knowledge at her disposal. This is an outstanding book from an outstanding chef, and the only thing that could be better would be to go back to make more of the recipes with her.
What a wonderful book this is, a labor of love for sure, it’s gorgeous and takes you beyond the authors’ atelier. Anson Smart’s photos really capture their beautiful world in Beaune, one of the prettiest spots in France. Their recipes are written with care and what surprised me was their unique concept for chapters. You expect seasonal cooking in French cookbooks, but their particular subchapters put you in the center of their lifestyle, like Jam Day, Dinner in the Wine Shop, Beaujolais Nouveau, Fireside Cooking. I unpacked my book this morning, finding the back cover photo facing me: two copper molds with souffles popping up, held by cooks in floury white aprons – I was hooked. You will be too.
I was delighted to hear Marjorie was coming out with a cookbook. I was able to take a class with her in Beaune. We met at the market place in the city’s main square to shop for provisions and then spent the day cooking a most delicious memorable meal, with wine of course. What an experience. Her cookbook arrived today and I can’t put it down. The photographs are beautiful and inspiring. Her story of how she began and introductions to some of her favorite food purveyors are a joy to read. The recipes not complicated and easy for any level cook. I can’t decide which one to start with. Bon Appetit! Jeanne

  • Title: The Cook’s Atelier: Recipes, Techniques, and Stories from Our French Cooking School
  • Autor: Marjorie Taylor
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Abrams (April 10, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 1419728954
  • ISBN-13: | 978-1419728952
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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