The DIY Pantry: 30 Minutes to Healthy, Homemade Food by Kresha Faber, PDF, ISBN: 1440571686

March 7, 2018

The DIY Pantry: 30 Minutes to Healthy, Homemade Food

All-natural pantry staples for just pennies a serving!

With The Diy Pantry, you can break free from processed foods and learn to make healthy, delicious meals without spending hours in the kitchen or breaking the bank. From artisan breads and aromatic seasonings to irresistible treats like Black-and-White Sandwich Cookies and Peppermint Patties, this book shows you how to stock your pantry with all the ingredients you need to make your favorite meals for the entire week. Best of all, each flavorful recipe can be completed in fewer than 30 minutes, making them perfect for anyone looking to add more wholesome dishes to their repertoire.

Filled with more than 150 natural, budget-friendly recipes as well as tips for storing your food, The Diy Pantry shows you that creating nutritious, homemade meals doesn’t have to be costly or hard work.

About the Author

Kresha Faber is the author and editor of Nourishing Joy, a website dedicated to real food, sustainable living, natural homemaking, and joyful parenting. She is passionate about sharing ways to make small, simple changes to live more healthily, frugally, and sustainably. Kresha is also a contributing writer to Keeper of the Home and GNOWFGLINS. You can visit her website at

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I love this book and and it’s been an inspiration on many levels. Admittedly, I found that I was already following many of its recommendations–stock, peanut butter, homemade pasta, pizza and bread, and others, but I found plenty more that made this purchase well worth the money spent. As I said, I strongly recommend it. Having said that, I’m wondering if I haven’t found a mistake. This may not be the perfect venue to broach this subject, but it is what is–the recipe for DIY vanilla extract seems flawed, at best. The recipe calls for placing vanilla beans in vodka and stashing it away–standard practice, based on my research and experience. However, the recipe recommends using two cups of 80 proof at least vodka and 10-20 vanilla beans and letting it rest for 9 months. Seriously? You’re talking a small fortune to make 2 cups of vanilla extract. Google “making vanilla extract” and you’ll come up with $15 kits that include 5-7 vanilla beans, a container in which to make the extract and a recipe–like you need one–and a finished product in 8 weeks. I haven’t tried them, but plan to. One site, Beanilla, even lets you pick the vanilla beans you want with your kit–personally, I’m a sucker for Ugandan vanilla beans, though they are are not as affordable as they once were. The flavor, however, is bold and smokey. My second choice would be Mexican, since we live in Nicaragua and all vanilla sprang from Mexico and Central America. It took the French, not surprisingly, to develop the modern vanilla industry largely based in Madagascar–and that industry sprang from a local’s ingenuity, who developed the process of hand fertilization. The bees that fertilize vanilla in Mexico and Central America don’t exist anywhere else. Bottom line: buy the book but find another vanilla extract recipe–unless you’re Donald Trump and have more money than common sense.
As soon as I found this book on Amazon, I ordered it. I don’t usually do that, as I like to spend my money more judiciously and, if I can, check a book out at the library first beforehand. This book, however, was exactly what I was looking for in terms of expanding my repertoire of homemade goodies. I already make a number of diy pantry items but was unaware, or shall I say, did not think to make things like soba noodles or ginger ale on my own. As another reviewer mentioned, the gem here is having a comprehensive and diverse list of recipes in one book to reference as opposed to searching and pulling recipes up online. And with these recipes, I can be reassured knowing that they will not have vegetable oil, margarine, or pre-made, chemical-filled ingredients in them. I made the ranch dressing recipe yesterday with my existing homemade mayo and it was delicious! I was immediately inspired and empowered by the contents of the book and look forward to using it for many more years to come!
This is a great book for those of us trying to minimize the ‘extras’ found in items we usually purchase. I have made several recipes from this book already. My only complaint would be that there are a few inconsistencies. The recipe for sauerkraut calls for a medium size head of cabbage 2# & another recipe calls for a small head of cabbage also 2#. And, incidentally, I needed 2 quart size jars to make the sauerkraut using a 2# cabbage. With that being said, overall, this is an excellent book to get you started on a DIY pantry. It was definitely worth the cost.

  • Title: The DIY Pantry: 30 Minutes to Healthy, Homemade Food
  • Autor: Kresha Faber
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Adams Media (January 1, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 1440571686
  • ISBN-13: | 978-1440571688
  • File Format: EPUB, PDF

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