The Drop 10 Diet: Add to Your Plate to Lose the Weight by Lucy Danziger, EPUB Book 0345531620

April 4, 2018

 The Drop 10 Diet: Add to Your Plate to Lose the Weight by Lucy Danziger, EPUB Book 0345531620

These days, we’re constantly bombarded with trendy, restrictive diets that instruct us to “Eat only this” or “Give up that”—diets that ultimately fail when you find that you can’t sacrifice the foods you love. But now you can lose weight without deprivation: Lucy Danziger, editor in chief of SELF magazine, and her team of nutrition experts have created the ultimate flexible plan for melting off ten, twenty, or more pounds at any age—you can see results in as little as a week! By eating more of thirty superfoods—everyday favorites like eggs, yogurt, steak, Parmesan, cherries, kiwi fruit, dark chocolate, and coffee (yes, chocolate and coffee!)—you can shed weight while naturally reducing your dependence on less healthful foods, lowering your risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, inflammation, and more. The food plan has room for all your can’t-resist treats—you can eat them and still slim down!
This revolutionary diet isn’t about denying yourself; it’s about indulging in delicious, satisfying foods that help trigger weight loss and instill better body health. Guiding you every step of the way, The Drop 10 Diet includes
• 101 quick, tasty breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners. You choose your favorites. Each meal or snack incorporates at least one Drop 10 superfood and leaves your cravings and your stomach satisfied!
• 40 delicious family recipes that even a novice cook can fix. Your loved ones will never know they’re eating healthfully!
• 1,400 extra “happy calories” each week to enjoy on top of your Drop 10 meals and snacks. Use your happy calories for daily splurges (ice cream!) or save them up to spend for a big night out (Mexican? Bring on the nachos!).
• 8 exercises you can do at home or in the gym to boost your metabolism and supercharge your weight loss.
• Inspirational stories of weight loss from women just like you!
Don’t waste another bite on bland, strict diets that don’t work. It’s time to grab life by the fork!


A Look Inside The Drop 10 Diet Ashley Sherry, 32, of Charlotte, North Carolina, lost 13 pounds with the Drop 10 Diet. “The Drop 10 fitness cards were like my own personal trainer,” she says. MOTIVATION: When Sherry moved to a new town in 2009, she tried a lot of the local restaurants during the next year–and put on 15 pounds in the process. Planning a trip to Hawaii in 2011 spurred her to get beach-ready. PAYOFF: Sherry did Drop 10 toners and upped her cardio to match our plan. The combo delivered sexy curves in time for her to rock a bikini on vacation—and her guy proposed before the trip! She can’t wait to wow him in a figure-hugging wedding gown next month. Hannah Levbarg, 38, of Cerrillos, New Mexico, lost 18 pounds and four inches off her waist on the Drop 10 Diet. “The Drop 10 recipes helped me lose while eating foods I love,” she says. MOTIVATION: After being treated for an ovarian tumor two years ago, Levbarg decided to make wellness a priority, but she struggled to balance a healthful diet with her passion for gourmet cooking (and eating). PAYOFF: The Drop 10 dishes satisfied this foodie and kept her portions in check. Levbarg learned that some of her favorite foods, such as nuts and grains, have slimming superpowers. She plans to peel off 20 pounds more. “It’s a way of life for me now,” she says.

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About the Author

The editor in chief of SELF for more than ten years, Lucy Danziger is also the author of the New York Times bestseller The Nine Rooms of Happiness. Four years ago, she lost twenty-five pounds by eating more Superfoods and has kept it off ever since. She is a regular guest on television shows, including Today, The View, and Good Morning America. Danziger lives in New York City with her husband and two children.

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Great Product. Looks fantastic. Easy to install in 2 minutes
This book gives you the ‘can do’ tools for eating healthily in the real world. Working parents and busy families can follow these guidelines and reach their goal weights or sizes easily and comfortably. The book helps you to realize that you need to eat well most of the time but that it’s okay to have a treat. No starvation, sensible eating and great recipes.
This book has a vast amount of knowledge about food and nutrition. My favorite thing is learning about “superfoods” and how they help a person burn fat and in the same breath teach of the nutrition supplied by both.

  • Title: The Drop 10 Diet: Add to Your Plate to Lose the Weight
  • Autor: Lucy Danziger
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Ballantine Books; 1 edition (March 20, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 0345531620
  • ISBN-13: | 978-0345531629
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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