The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook (Everything Series) by Hui Leng Tay, 1440502331

The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook (Everything Series)

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  • Title: The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook (Everything Series)
  • Autor: Hui Leng Tay
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Everything (August 18, 2010)
  • Language: English

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Think a rice cooker is just for rice? Think again! While it’s true that a rice cooker can save time when cooking rice, you can also cook hundreds of dishes in a rice cooker–and author and food blogger Hui Leng Tay can show you how. Inside you’ll discover how to cook 300 delicious and versatile meals in your rice cooker, including:

  • Mini Indonesian Potato Cakes
  • Coconut Chicken Soup
  • Seafood Congee
  • Spicy Italian Sausage Pasta
  • Garlic-Infused Glass Noodles with Tiger Shrimp
  • Sweet Corn Pancakes
  • Toasted Pita Pizza

From breakfast porridges to noodle entrées, this cookbook has it all. Whether you’re looking for new ways to utilize your trusty ol’ rice cooker or experiencing this resourceful appliance for the first time, you will delight in these recipes for Asian favorites, American comfort food, and more!

About the Author

Hui Leng Tay is the author of the popular food blog called ?Teczcape–an escape to food? (, which was recently featured in a New York Times article about rice cookers. Her three-year-old blog, which focuses on fresh, innovative cuisine, receives more than 20,000 hits per month. Tay has been concocting delicious meals in her rice cooker for more than ten years and has come to depend on it as one of the most useful (and time-saving) tools in her kitchen. A graduate of Stanford and MIT, Tay is a true believer that with a base knowledge of flavors, the recipe options are endless.

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The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook (Everything (Cooking)) You just bought a ten-pound bag of rice and a rice cooker (used, from the thrift store) and as you enter the driveway your husband asks, “What are you going to do with all that rice?” You grin like the cheshire cat. Then as you unlock the front door you quietly pick up the small box on the doorstep,enter the house, and open the box. The box says, The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook. Includes: Curried carrot and Ginger Soup. Fragrant Coconut rice. Rice Noodles with Beef . . . . Oh. That’s what you’re going to do with all that rice. You spend the afternooon reading the rice cookbook and thinking about what recipes you get to make first. That Thai-stle Shrimp Cakes recipe looks good . . . so does that fragrant coconut rice . . . . They’ve probably got another printing in print already. Are you sure you bought enough rice? Usually the publisher gives me a copy of the book on condition that I promise to write a good, impartial review. This time I had to buy the book myself. Publisher, would you give me another, similar book to review?

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