The Fat Flush Fitness Plan by Ann Louise Gittleman, eBook Download

April 15, 2018

 The Fat Flush Fitness Plan by Ann Louise Gittleman, eBook Download

Fat Flush Fitness Plan

The perfect fitness plan for low-carb dieters–accelerate the incredible weight loss power of the Fat Flush diet with this revolutionary fitness plan!

    The Fat Flush Fitness Plan gives you:

    • Rapid loss of unwanted pounds and cellulite
    • Exercises targeted to eliminate tummy fat
    • Increased muscle tone in upper arms, thighs and buttocks
    • Relief from water retention and “belly bloat”
    • A proven system for breaking your weight loss plateau

    Ann Louise Gittleman’s Fat Flush Plan revolutionized weight loss, providing a whole new system for detoxifying the body for better overall health. Now she goes one step further, teaming up with fitness expert Joanie Greggains to develop a total body care program that targets the lymphatic system, which helps to flush away fat. From rebounding, walking, and weight training to specially designed yoga stretches and deep breathing exercises, this plan builds calorie burning muscle mass, speeds weight loss and keeps those pounds from ever returning. Complete with sections on dry skin brushing, aromatherapy baths, and cellulite, readers will enjoy the personal anecdotes from Fat Flushers, motivational tidbits, easy-to-read charts and personal success stories. The Fat Flush Fitness Plan was a US Weekly Pick of the Week


The Fat Flush Fitness Plan, written by a powerhouse team, offers Joanie Greggains’ detailed exercise program, designed to complement Ann Louise Gittleman’s The Fat Flush Plan. Gittleman is a high-profile nutritionist, frequently featured in the media. Veteran fitness expert Greggains, author of Fit Happens, hosted television’s long-running “Morning Stretch” and leads 15 workout videos. Greggains emphasizes low-impact aerobics, weight training, stretching, more sleep, and calmer living. The eating program (you’ll need Gittleman’s other books for the details) hinges on Gittleman’s premise that “cleansing the liver and the lymphatic system is absolutely crucial for physical health, weight loss, and an overall sense of well-being.” This isn’t a quick-fix program, but a long-term, lifestyle change including yoga, walking or rebounding, strength training with a weighted ball, stretching, lymphatic massage, and aromatherapy baths. Start with Phase 1: “Detox, Start Moving–and Relax”; add strength training in Phase 2: “Build Lean Muscle Mass”; increase cardio and change the strength routine in Phase 3: “Lymph-Fit/Compound Strength and Stretching Plan.” All phases present a step-by-step, clearly illustrated exercise program. The book is nicely designed, with clear photographs, boxed tips, write-in questionnaires, pledges, and a sample journal. –Joan Price

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From the Back Cover

Building on the highly successful weight-loss program presented in her bestseller The Fat Flush Plan, nutrition expert Ann Louise Gittleman tackles a startling truth about health and fitness: while most Americans don’t exercise enough, many over-exercise–a practice that can actually sabotage weight loss efforts, sap energy, and cause injury, especially when combined with insufficient sleep, excessive stress, and poor eating habits. But there is a proven effective, and healthy alternative to the world of unbalanced diet and exercise plans–and The Fat Flush Fitness Plan now makes it available to you. Created with top fitness expert Joanie Greggains, The Fat Flush Fitness Plan is designed to work with your body–not against it. This approach integrates the detoxifying principles for lifelong wellness established in The Fat Flush Plan, with a regimen that stimulates the lymphatic system, cleanses the liver, and builds lean muscle, all of which are crucial for good health and losing weight. While this program has been structured to correspond to the Fat Flush eating plan, you will derive extraordinary benefits, whatever dietary system you are following. Divided into three phases that incorporate the best of yoga, stretching, strength training, cardiovascular activities as well as nurturing, rejuvenating self-care practices such as massage and aromatherapy, these benefits include: Weight loss Loss of unwanted tummy fat Loss of inches at your hips, waist, and thighs A higher rear and firmer buttocks Significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite Relief from water retention and “belly bloat” An almost instant boost in your energy reserves Also included are ways to get you motivated, exercises to help you get in touch with your body, tips for keeping a journal to track your results, plus answers to your most frequently asked questions, cautions about when to take it easy, and inspiring personal success stories. Once you act on this program that honors and respects your boundaries and needs, you’ll be amazed by how the fat melts away–and by how rested, energized, and renewed you feel. From the top nutritionist who’s helped countless Americans flush away their fat–a complementary fitness program that will change the way you look and feel for a lifetime Expanding on the fitness basics outlined in her breakthrough bestselling weight-loss book, The Fat Flush Plan, leading nutrition expert Ann Louise Gittleman has now teamed up with one of the country’s top fitness experts to create an exercise program that cleanses and repairs rather than punishes–and targets the hidden reasons many women have trouble losing weight. Here is regimen that supports healthy eating, respect for your body, a holistic approach to lifelong health and a balanced lifestyle–and produces remarkable immediate and long-term results that include: Dramatic improvement in skin tone Almost-instant increase in energy Loss of unwanted tummy fat Significantly reduced appearance of cellulite Tightening of flesh and skin along upper arms and buttocks Improved sleep Breaking the weight loss plateau Boosting the lymphatic and immune systems …and more, including ways to keep you on track and inspired, special recommendations for handling conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and diabetes, as well as advice for taking the workout on the road, and a modified plan for new mothers. Whether used as a companion to The Fat Flush Plan or in conjunction with another eating plan, this proven effective, user-friendly regime will help you lose weight and gain benefits to your overall health and spirit beyond your wildest dreams.

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As usual, this book is very informative, so I give her three stars in that respect. Her books in general paint a splendid natural way to eat for health-conscious people that harkens to a time when organic food was the norm. Sometimes I slap myself when I realize what brave new world we exist in now when eating organic food is a luxury. Who knew that one day we would have to pay ridiculous prices to avoid eating hormone-pumped chickens allowed to sit and fatten in cages under artificial light while being fed animal byproducts to boot? “Organic” food now costs two to three times more than conventional food. I have nothing but appreciation for nutritionists now. When I was young and couldn’t comprehend death, I’ve been known to shew away nutritionists with one hand and with a candy bar in the other. Now they’re my mystic advisers who are themselves advised by science; this regimen is a reliable and sound one. I have been on this plan for one week. I have already lost six pounds. Most importantly, I have gained mental clarity and stability. I have recently been severely depressed and was prescribed antidepressants. This regimen was my last hope that I can reverse the problem myself. I believe, as a result of this diet (flaxseed oil in particular), my moods are not so strong and intrusive. I still feel frustration, but it’s no longer overpowering and I can usually persist through my problems. I also feel energized. So that desire to oversleep is almost completely eliminated. And there is still more to come as I walk toward that horizon of more possibilities — exercise!
I’m working my way through this book but so far I really do like what I see and read. I’m 59 and getting over a long illness so learning to work out in a healthy and “fit” way is appealing… and flushing the fat won’t hurt either! I recommend it!

  • Title: The Fat Flush Fitness Plan
  • Autor: Ann Louise Gittleman
  • Publisher (Publication Date): McGraw-Hill; 1 edition (November 21, 2003)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: |
  • ISBN-13: |
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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