The Food Life: Inside the World of Food with the Grocer Extraordinaire at Fairway by Steven Jenkins, PDF, EPUB 0061231681

April 16, 2018

The Food Life: Inside the World of Food with the Grocer Extraordinaire at Fairway

From Fairway Market’s master buyer and author of the hugely successful Cheese Primer comes a celebration of the store’s extravagant food collection and the stories surrounding its culture.

Fairway, a local institution in New York City for more than fifty years, is the busiest food store in the world. There shoppers can find innumerable artisanal food products, which, for three decades, Steven Jenkins has traveled the world to find. With a wonderful narrative and anecdotes from the man who personally brought so many of the world’s greatest foods to New York and the United States, readers will become more enthusiastic shoppers and better cooks. Jenkins’s longtime associate, Mitchel London, provides recipes that will attract not only Fairway customers but any home cook who has access to great ingredients.

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I landed in New York on a hot July night in 1986, a mix of excitement and dread as I wandered the streets of my new hometown. Fairway was the first establishment I entered in New York City, before a bar, a church, a diner. But it’s not the romance of my first NY store that keeps me such a huge Fairway fan. Instead, it’s the superb quality, fine selection, and knowledgable staff that keep me shopping here after all these years. Those are clearly the same things that keep Jenkins at Fairway. A wonderful exploration of specialty retailing, combined with a love affair with all things food, makes this book a must for any foodie. The recipes are fine–a few I’ll try, most I won’t–but it’s the absolute devotion to the freshest, best ingredients that makes the reader consume this book one delicious page after the other. One need not be a New Yorker to appreciate the quick wit or enthusiasm Jenkins uses in this book. In fact, one need never set foot in Fairway. But even if you live in Omaha or Oklahoma City and have even a mild interest in good food, you’ll really enjoy this book.
This book is a funny fast and irreverent guide. You can learn enough about all sorts of comestibles, though the author wouldn’t use a pretentious word like comestibles when a simple clear one like FOOD would do, to impress your friends or just feel a little more secure throwing your next dinner party. Like all the best books about food it teaches you a lot about the local culture. Sounds like there’s more culture in the cheese dept than in the aisles of Fairway. It’s a book worth buying because you feel smarter when you’re done, unlike some of the claptrap that’s been written about gracious living and good eating. Unlike shopping at Fairway, which now approaches a blood sport, it doesn’t matter if you lose your place the book is just as good when you go back. If you’re planning a trip to NYC it’s an indispensable volume.
Both funny and fascinating, Steven Jenkins’ account of the day-to-day running of this amazing grocery store is a real page turner for foodies. Having read “Cheese Primer” I knew the quality of his writing style already, but I wasn’t prepared for this book to read almost like fiction. The cast of characters are every bit as interesting as the products they promote. Mitchel London’s wonderful recipes are a delightful bonus to an already satisfying read.

  • Title: The Food Life: Inside the World of Food with the Grocer Extraordinaire at Fairway
  • Autor: Steven Jenkins
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Ecco; First Edition edition (July 1, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 0061231681
  • ISBN-13: | 978-0061231681
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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