The Gospel of Food: Why We Should Stop Worrying and Enjoy What We Eat by Barry Glassner, Download eBook 0060501227

April 9, 2018

The Gospel of Food: Why We Should Stop Worrying and Enjoy What We Eat

For many Americans, eating is a religion. We worship at the temples of celebrity chefs. We raise our children to believe that certain foods are good and others are bad. We believe that if we eat the right foods, we will live longer, and if we eat in the right places, we will raise our social status. Yet what we believe to be true about food is, in fact, quite contradictory.

Part exposé, part social commentary, The Gospel of Food is a rallying cry to abandon the fads and fallacies in favor of calmer, more pleasurable eating. By interviewing chefs, food chemists, nutritionists, and restaurant critics about the way we eat, sociologist Barry Glassner helps us recognize the myths, half-truths, and guilt trips they promulgate, and liberates us for greater joy at the table.

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Glassner has certainly done his homework, and the result is a very readable, refreshing and pragmatic book, full of solid reasoning and common sense. If you’re at all curious as to how and why every year some new food fad or fad diet comes along, and if you wonder what happens when you read between the lines of the latest “scientific” food studies, then this book is a MUST for your library. As he did in his excellent book “The Culture of Fear,” Glassner has investigated the claims and counter-claims of various “experts,” as well as the truth behind the statistics, and what he discovered is fascinating. Highly recommended.
Barry Glassner really knows what he is talking about. I lost 32 pounds eating Irish potatoes!!! I also avoid organic food like the plague. I do know something that he doesn’t mention. It costs as much to get a new pesticide on the market and takes at least as long as it does to get a new medicine on the market. Therefore any agriculturalists who are still in business use pesticides as little as possible because every time they use one it subtracts from their bottom line. I also think he has a very valid point about diets causing obesity. At least the diets that try to forbid you from eating certain foods. When I started losing weight I wasn’t forbiding myself anything. All I was doing was trying to eat more of the fruits, vegetables and whole grains which are healthy for you and trying not to stuff myself.
It’s shocking to say the least that I’m the first on to review this as what are you people out there reading? Barry Glassner (a former USC sociology prof) wrote one of the best books ever called The Culture Of Fear. Well, he proves now he can write on pretty much any subject as he tackles food in all its wondrous forms and addresses much of the weird (yes, I’ll say “weird”) paranoia people in North America now seem to have over what they eat. As someone who is not a bloated whale and eats everything not nailed down because, frankly, how will you know if you’ll like any kind of food without trying it, this book blows the lid off many of the ill-informed food scares of modern America. It is also balanced and the author enjoys fine dining as well as seeing the merits of fast food…and you’ll be surprised at his reasons why. Food Nation was a book that exposed the food industry. The Gospel of Food is more a need to bring back the joy of actually eating and not worrying ourselves to death over every calorie, every additive and to just gain some perspective on how society came from where all of us were, say, centuries ago to now. It’s definitely something I think everyone should read so they can go back to enjoying what they eat yet with the knowledgeof food scares and warnings put in their proper perspective.

  • Title: The Gospel of Food: Why We Should Stop Worrying and Enjoy What We Eat
  • Autor: Barry Glassner
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Harper Perennial; Reprint edition (December 26, 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0060501219 | 0060501227
  • ISBN-13: 978-0060501211 | 978-0060501228
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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