The High Art of Baking with Hemp [pdf, epub]

The High Art of Baking with Hemp

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  • Title: The High Art of Baking with Hemp
  • Autor: Gebr. Silvestri Amsterdam
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Kathrin Gebhardt (November 11, 2009)
  • Language: English

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Hemp, an agricultural crop and medicinal herb that dates back millennia, is experiencing a renaissance. The plant displays very special properties, even in the kitchen. Pastry chef Kathrin Gebhardt reveals the high art of baking cakes, tarts, cookies, and even spicy delicacies using the resin, leaves, and seeds of the hemp plant. And for those who can’t get enough of the heavenly herb, a small selection of recipes for main courses, desserts, as well as warm and cold drinks is included.

About the Author

Kathrin Gebhardt, in cooperation with many international friends, has been involved in a campaign to legalize hemp for many years. At a young age she discovered her passion for vegetarian and consciousness-expanding food. She is now combining her talents as a pastry chef, cook, nutritionist, and joint founder of the Hemp Museum Berlin, to produce Her first book, “Berauschend gut Backen mit Hanf” was published in 1997 by the AT-Verlag, Switzerland. ISBN 978-3-85502-611-1

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I always thought the mediocre taste of space cookies was unavoidable. “Baking with Hemp” is proof that I was totally wrong. This book is filled with the most delicious recipes for cookies and pastries I have ever tried! The beautiful and mouth-watering pictures demonstrate the love and care the author puts into her work. The instructions are easy to follow, and the results are indeed “high art”. If you are a fan of cannabis-culture, this book is a must have!!

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