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The Homemade Vegan Pantry: The Art of Making Your Own Staples

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  • Title: The Homemade Vegan Pantry: The Art of Making Your Own Staples
  • Autor: Miyoko Schinner
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Ten Speed Press (June 16, 2015)
  • Language: English

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A guide to creating vegan versions of pantry staples–from dairy and meat substitutes such as vegan yogurt, mayo, bacon, and cheese, to dressings, sauces, cookies, and more.

Kitchen crafters know the pleasure of making their own staples and specialty foods, whether it’s cultured sour cream or a stellar soup stock. It’s a fresher, healthier, more natural approach to eating and living. Now vegans who are sick of buying over-processed, over-packaged products can finally join the homemade revolution.

Studded with full-color photos, The Homemade Vegan Pantry celebrates beautiful, handcrafted foods that don’t take a ton of time, from ice cream and pizza dough, to granola and breakfast sausage. Miyoko Schinner guides readers through the techniques for making French-style buttercreams, roasted tomatoes, and pasta without special equipment. Her easy methods make “slow food” fast, and full of flavor. 

The Homemade Vegan Pantry raises the bar on plant-based cuisine, not only for vegans and vegetarians, but also for the growing number of Americans looking to eat lighter and healthier, and anyone interested in a handcrafted approach to food.


“Miyoko’s recipes for vegan basics are thoughtfully crafted and the photography is so artistic and inspiring that I can hardly wait to start cooking! It is a beautiful book that would make a great gift for any occasion.” — Alicia Silverstone, vegan activist, actress, and author of The Kind Diet and The Kind Mama“Showcasing a mouthwatering array of condiments, stocks, pastas, classic comfort foods, and more, The Homemade Vegan Pantry will show you how fun and delicious it can be to make your favorite food staples at home. Miyoko’s culinary genius shines through in every recipe and the photos are nothing short of sublime!”— Jason Wrobel, celebrity vegan chef and host of How to Live to 100 on the Cooking Channel“The Homemade Vegan Pantry makes world-class vegan dishes possible for everyone at every skill level. This is all thanks to Miyoko, a chef who…brings a passion to her recipes that gets both herbivores and omnivores excited.”— Isa Chandra Moskowitz, author of Isa Does It”Store-bought vegan foods are aften processed to compensate for nonvegan ingredients, but as chef Miyoko Schinner argues, it’s easy to make tasty staples at home, from eggless mayo to pancake mix.”— Time magazine

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About the Author

Entrepreneur for 30+ years in the food world as a bestselling author, chef and creator of delicious, decadent, healthful plant-based food, MIYOKO SCHINNER is dedicated to pleasing the omnivore’s palate in all of us. She refuses to give up on those who haven’t made the switch to plant-based foods and continues to offer progress through the senses, not just the intellect, using diverse avenues. These have included a restaurant and natural food company that distributed products nationwide and supplied cookies and pastries to United Airlines.   Inspiring the general public through her 5 cookbooks, including the best-selling and “groundbreaking” Artisan Vegan Cheese and the just-published The Homemade Vegan Pantry, Schinner also recognizes that not everyone will take up the cause in their own kitchens. To answer this call, in 2014, she launched an artisan vegan cheese company, Miyoko’s Kitchen, which set out to redefine the category of “cheese” with its unctuous, decadent, delicious flavors of handcrafted cheeses made from nuts. Miyoko’s Kitchen currently ships nationwide through ecommerce as well as regular distribution channels, and exports to Australia and Hong Kong.   No stranger to public speaking or media attention, Schinner also co-hosts the national cooking show Vegan Mashup, presents live at major events around the country, and is frequently featured in national and local media.

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This is the book you need to get started creating vegan staples. If I could choose only one book out of all of the books I purchased last year, this would be the book I would keep. Miyoko’s recipes are simple, require mostly standard ingredients, and create some of the most fantastic vegan food I have eaten to date. There is a reason that Miyoko’s recipes for vegan cheese come out so good – she actually sells her vegan cheese online. With this book you can make your own ketchup, butter, unribs, unsteak, unchicken, vegan fish sauce, and teriyaki sauce! You can make vegan mozzarella that bakes, browns, and crisps up on a pizza. You can make vegan ice cream and vegan yogurt. You can make a roll of vegan chocolate chip cookie batter you can cut off pieces of and use as needed. I am sharing pictures of a pizza I made with the vegan mozzarella cheese from this book, a pork chop I made using the Unpork recipe, and tofu red curry I made where the essential ingredient was Miyoko’s vegan fish sauce. There are specialty ingredients that certain recipes require and I would make sure to purchase the recommended ingredients and not attempt to substitute other ingredients that may seem similar. For instance, the liquid soy lecithin is essential to the Glorious Butterless Butter recipe. When tapioca is mentioned for the cheese recipes, you will need to use tapioca flour. For the fermented tofu liquid for the vegan fish sauce, purchase a bottle of fermented tofu from an Asian grocery store that appears clear – if the fermented tofu is darker or reddish, that means it has chilies in it, and you will not want to use that kind of fermented tofu for this recipe. I contacted Miyoko through her website and she was very helpful in clarifying what specific items were required and where to purchase them. She is incredibly kind and responsive. When you are culturing your vegan cheese, I found it worked better when I waited the full two days for the cheese’s ingredients to culture. If you want to start with a recipe that is a surefire hit, I would highly suggest the Unsteak recipe. If you don’t drink alcohol, for recipes that have mirin and wine incorporated, you can find mirin and non-alcoholic wines that have the majority of the alcohol removed. I used Honteri Mirin from the local Asian grocery store and Fre Alcohol Removed Merlot. While the book suggests to use mirin that only incorporates rice and koji (and this is the perfect choice if you do not have an alcohol free household), I found that the flavors were still there with the Honteri Mirin while the alcohol was not. While you are using this book, you will notice that a number of recipes incorporate multiple variations. The cashew cream recipe page alone has additional recipes for bechamel, alfredo, and mushroom sauce. The Glorious Butterless Butter recipe has four variations you can try after trying the main recipe. I love how comprehensive this book is. After the recipe for flax seed egg whites, Miyoko includes recipes for flax seed omelets, frittata, and quiche. You can make ice cream or gelato or sorbet, homemade jam, mustard, and mayonnaise, bread, crackers and cakes – the list of different recipes this book incorporates can really stock your entire vegan pantry. There is even a recipe for cinnamon rolls. I made the ketchup recipe in about 5 minutes with ingredients I already had in my fridge and pantry. It was worlds better than the corn syrup based ketchup you can typically find at the store. If you are a fan of seafood but are vegan and haven’t found good recipes that incorporate the flavors you have been missing, Miyoko has a whole section of this book dedicated to vegan seafood. You can make vegan fish, crab cakes, chowder – even vegan fish sauce! The vegan fish sauce has to be my favorite addition to Thai dishes. It brings back all of the subtleties of flavor I missed in the dishes I used to love before I was vegan. It’s so good that I will probably use it the next time I order Thai food takeout – there is nothing like having the essential flavors and nuances of Thai food on my palate again. This book is absolutely the most comprehensive and detailed recipe guide I have found to vegan cooking. Miyoko knows vegan cooking and everything I have made using this book has been absolutely delectable. It would be the first book I would recommend to a friend who was newly vegan.

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