The Natural Menopause Plan: Over the Symptoms with Diet, Supplements, Exercise and More Than 90 Recipes [pdf, epub] 1848993307

The Natural Menopause Plan: Over the Symptoms with Diet, Supplements, Exercise and More Than 90 Recipes

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  • Title: The Natural Menopause Plan: Over the Symptoms with Diet, Supplements, Exercise and More Than 90 Recipes
  • Autor: Maryon Stewart
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Nourish (July 18, 2017)
  • Language: English

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Bestselling author Maryon Stewart’s life-changing plan and recipes are a proven alternative to HRT, tailored to help you regain your zest for living, restore your libido and protect your heart, bones and memory for the long term.

The effects of menopause can be utterly debilitating for women, ravaging their physical, mental and emotional health and often their careers and relationships too. But conventional therapies come with side effects that sometimes seem nearly as bad.

Bestselling author Maryon Stewart shows how you can alleviate the symptoms of menopause – naturally and effectively; through diet, supplements, herbal remedies, exercise and relaxation.
The Natural Menopause Plan includes more than 90 delicious recipes. All are easy to make and brimming with vital nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium and essential fatty acids. Many are especially designed to include naturally occurring estrogens (phytoestrogens); a safe and effective alternative to HRT. You’ll find delicious smoothies, pancakes and muesli recipes for breakfast. Lunch and dinner choices include fresh salads, soups, risotto, bakes, curries, stir-fries and more, with plenty of options for special diets. Desserts and snacks offer choices like cheesecake, fruit salads, cakes, bars and breads. Each is specially designed to alleviate menopausal symptoms in a healthful, lasting way.

Complete with authoritative nutritional information, this is the ultimate guide to combating the effects of menopause the natural way.

About the Author

Maryon Stewart is the bestselling author of twenty-six books and the pioneer of the Women’s Nutritional Advisory Service and the Natural Health Advisory Service. She was voted one of the top 100 most influential women in the UK in a Good Housekeeping survey, and one of the 5 most inspirational women in the UK by Fabulous magazine. She appears extensively on TV and radio as a women’s health expert, as well as lecturing to both the public and the medical profession.

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The Natural Menopause Plan by Maryon Stewart is a must-read for those who are impending menopause or deep in the heart of it. The first part of The Natural Menopause Plan is an explanation of what menopause is, the symptoms, and natural solutions to help relieve symptoms – diet, supplements, therapies, and more.  I found this part of the book so helpful. Without doing tons of research online or short of someone giving you all the answers, the author simply spells out what’s happening (or what to expect) beginning at perimenopause and suggestions on how to breeze through with a minimum of discomfort. And while women have the option of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), it’s not always a good solution depending on your situation.  Some women can’t use HRT because of cancer.  So what options do they have?  Thankfully, this book has solutions to make this transition better. These are just some of the topics The Natural Menopause Plan covers • Hot flashes/Night sweats • Sexual problems • Headaches • Emotional symptoms • Insomnia • Dry skin/Wrinkles • Aching joints Next, the author discusses how consuming certain foods and supplements can help with the symptoms of menopause.  She spells everything out to make it easy for you to follow and to find what works for your particular symptoms. The book goes as far as suggesting herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and acupressure, cranial osteopathy relaxation therapy, exercise, and habit changes.  Part 2 of The Natural Menopause Plan is a very extensive index of 90 recipes containing nutrients that are helpful for those with menopause.  They are grouped according to meals and include desserts, cakes, breads, and snacks.  There are even meal plans to make eating simple.  I was impressed with the list of the nutrient content of foods.  The author even included references and resources.

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