The Pressured Cook: Over 75 One-Pot Meals In Minutes, Made In Today’s 100% Safe Pressure Cookers by Lorna J Sass,

The Pressured Cook: Over 75 One-Pot Meals In Minutes, Made In Today's 100% Safe Pressure Cookers

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  • Title: The Pressured Cook: Over 75 One-Pot Meals In Minutes, Made In Today’s 100% Safe Pressure Cookers
  • Autor: Lorna J Sass
  • Publisher (Publication Date): William Morrow Cookbooks; 1 edition (February 17, 1999)
  • Language: English

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The follow-up to Cooking Under Pressure, the classic and bestselling book on the topic, this is Lorna Sass’s first new pressure-cooker cookbook in nine years. These seventy-five delicious recipes, perfect for the single person or the family on the go, can be prepared in the pressure cooker in one-third the normal time or less. Many of the recipes can be prepared in less than ten minutes, including Risotto with Butternut Squash and Sage — ready in less than eight minutes — and even a few desserts. These recipes are also low in fat, since cooking under pressure locks in the flavor and only minimal use of butter and oil is required.

The time is right for a new pressure cooker cookbook — pressure cookers are selling better than ever. And today’s pressure cookers are safer than ever — fears in the past about the safety of jiggle-top cookers are no more with these safe new cookers, this cookbook will be essential for anyone who has ever thought, “How can I get a delicious meal on the table, fast?”

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I like the recipes in this book, which focus on foods that really benefit from pressure cooking. Meats, beans, grains and long cooking veggies. She actually tells you not to bother with things like chicken breasts, which are easily ruined in a pressure cooker –and don’t take that much time anyway. Another pressure cooker book that I purchased at the same time wasted at least 100 pages on foods where you only save a couple of minutes with a pressure cooker. The four recipes that I have made so far came out very well; I’ve marked several others to try soon. She converts (and credits) some favorite recipes from other writers (like Paula Wolfert and Marcella Hazen) I also like that she places pressure cooking times and follow-up cooking times in bold at the top of the recipe. (Not chopping time, alas!) If you purchased a pressure cooker it is likely that time is important to you! The other book I purchased embedded the times deep in the recipe, so you had to read the whole recipe to understand the time requirements.

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