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  • Full Title : The Real Food Grocery Guide: Navigate the Grocery Store, Ditch Artificial and Unsafe Ingredients, Bust Nutritional Myths, and Select the Healthiest Foods Possible
  • Autor: Maria Marlowe
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  • Publisher: Fair Winds Press; 1 edition
  • Publication Date: June 1, 2017
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1592337554
  • ISBN-13: 978-1592337552
  • Download File Format | Size: epub | 19,17 Mb

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Everyone wants to eat healthy. But with the thousands of products lining the grocery store shelves it can be overwhelming. Is fat-free or gluten-free healthier? What are food labels really saying? What does "natural" truly mean and is organic produce and grass-fed meat worth the extra cost? It can be confusing, not to mention expensive. It doesn't have to be that way.
The Real Food Grocery Guide helps you navigate every aisle of the grocery store clearly outlining what foods are truly the healthiest, the freshest, and the most economical (and which ones belong in the garbage rather than your grocery cart!)  
The Real Food Grocery Guide is the most comprehensive and actionable guide to grocery shopping and healthy eating ever with advice on:
·         what to eat for health, balanced weight, and longevity
·         how to shop to save a significant amount of time and money
·         how to decipher food "buzz words" (like natural, grass-fed, wild, organic, gluten-free, etc.): know which to buy and which to leave on the shelf
·         how to select the most nutritious and delicious produce, every time (no more getting home with brown avocados or tasteless melon)
·         why the quality of animal-products-such as meat, fish, eggs, and dairy-is crucial–and how to choose the healthiest kinds
·         how to store fresh food properly so it doesn't spoil too quickly
·         why calorie counting is futile – and what you should look for instead to determine the healthiness of any food
·         how to decipher what a food label is really saying
·         how to avoid being duped by sneaky food industry claims and choose the best packaged products every time


I wish I had this book years ago! Maria busts through sneaky marketing terms and buzz words on packages, while showing you that it doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive to fill up your kitchen with the most nutritious foods.”

Vani HariNew York Times Best Selling Author & Founder of 

A must-read for anyone who does the grocery shopping for their family. It cuts through the confusion, will help you draw the connection between what you eat and your health, and will inspire you to make the healthiest food choices.”

Joshua Rosenthal, Founder and Director, Institute for Integrative Nutrition 

“When you go grocery shopping, you are assuming the role of the Nutritional Gatekeeper for you and your family! This book is a must read if you want to get better at that job! So many us want to make better choices and now Maria has made it a whole lot easier!”
Joe Cross,  Founder of Reboot With Joe and star of the award winning feature length documentary, FAT SICK & NEARLY DEAD

If you want a reliable, useful and easy to follow guide to food choices that will bring you greater health and happiness, you’ve found it in Maria Marlowe’s Real Food Grocery Guide.  She takes you by the hand, and in her ever so friendly and warm hearted way, leads to your highest health potential.”
John Robbins, Author, Diet for a New America and The Food Revolution

“I love picking up a book that can not only relate, but change the lives of so many. The Real Food Grocery Guide eliminates a common barrier in the world of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. No more anxiety or unanswered questions on how to shop or understand which ingredients to choose. Do we choose organic? (all to be revealed) Not only this but it even provides the best markets, stores and locations to shop for these tasty colorful numbers. It will help save time, money and make you more confident in the kitchen, which is all we want for you at the end of the day.”

— Dan Churchill, Chef, Author, Host of Surfing the Menu

About the Author

Maria Marlowe is a real food evangelist. She is the founder, recipe developer, and writer at, and online destination for healthy recipes, meal plans, and programs to aid people in losing weight, clearing up acne, or improving their health through better eating and lifestyle habits, with a focus on whole, plant-based foods. After vastly improving her own health through real food, she went on to study integrative nutrition and plant-based cooking. She then opened a private Integrative Nutrition practice, coaching everyone from moms, to executives, to celebrity clients. She has appeared or been featured in a variety of media outlets, including on The Dr. Oz ShowNBC, CBS, FOXVogue, and The New York Times. Maria graduated summa cum laude from Fordham University and resides in New York. You can find her at or on Instagram at @MariaMarlowe. 

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