The Snail Cookbook: Snail Recipes from both sides of the Pyrenees by Walter Gunn, PDF eBook

April 14, 2018

The Snail Cookbook: Snail Recipes from both sides of the Pyrenees

‘The Snail Cookbook’ gives the complete ‘how to’ of snail cookery: the entire process. That is, all the necessary information on collecting, fasting, cleaning and cooking snails. Nothing is left out, it tells all; the husbandry advice and recipes, along with their accompanying sauces, mayonnaises, alioli and butter based fillings. This know-how will arm adventurous cooks and gardeners with all they need to know before taking the culinary step. The recipes, many of them for the common British garden snail – Helix Aspersa – come from both sides of the Pyrenees. Each recipe has been tried and tested by the author and each one written about from first hand experience. The instructions are clear and unambiguous, and the photography accurately shows how the end result should appear.

About the Author

Walter Gunn has for many years made his home in the Pyrenean mountains where he indulges his passion for tracking down good, local food, collecting the recipes and eating the results. He has led an interesting life: sailor, motor racing engineer and constructor, hang-glider designer and test pilot and competed in the 1st World Hang Gliding Championships. He was the managing director of a leading edge hang -glider and microlight company and is the creator of the extreme sport Speed Gliding. Walter Gunn has written for specialist magazines and co-written, designed, researched and produced, quality corporate newsletters. He is a capable photographer and has contributed photographs to national and international sporting magazines, and sporting video footage to television. Walter is currently completing his next book – ‘A Slice of the Pyrenees.’

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This delightful book has surprised me with its fascinating description of the gastronomic commonality of the Pyrennees region of southern France and northern Spain. It is both light hearted and practical and focuses on a common regional thread of culinary history centred on a nutritious source of free and delicious food. The rich dietary heritage of the region and the authors ability to describe it evoke the warm summer evenings and joy of the residents of the Spanish side in their many fiestas and in particular the snail festival ‘Caricoladas’. These were born of a past way of life and now form a part of Spanish cultural heritage with fragrant sauces and dishes the likes of which the rest of us do not usually get to see. On the French side of the mountains the Escargot is in a class of cookery all its own with appropriately Gallic passionate opinions on best methods and ingredients. It is a practical book: you will find how to keep, feed, harvest and prepare your choice of the many species of edible snails. And how to prepare the wonderful range of sauces that go with them. Or you can just enjoy browsing your way through the recipes and accompanying evocative descriptions of where and when to enjoy them. As a gift this book will surprise and delight all fortunate enough to receive it. This is not a book of newly invented concoctions from celebrity chefs who never step out of their TV studios. Rather it is one based on the real world of traditional recipes and cultures, steeped in their own history and evoking warm hints of the long past Mediterranean civilisations from which they sprang. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I look forward to future contributions from this author.
I have always felt stuck with the same old garlic sauce recipe and wanted to get ideas of how to cook snails differently. I read these recipes and was amazed and surprised that escargots do not have to be cooked in the standard way I am used to!! Being French, it would not have occurred to me to change the recipe… I was surprised with the care the author has taken. It seems a lot of experience has been put into it. I definitely recommend others to try these recipes as they have given me an insight into a different way of cooking with snails. Hope there will be a follow up


  • Title: The Snail Cookbook: Snail Recipes from both sides of the Pyrenees
  • Autor: Walter Gunn
  • Publisher (Publication Date): CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (November 30, 2013)
  • Language: English
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  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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