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The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook

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  • Title: The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook
  • Autor: Beth Hensperger
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Harvard Common Press; 1st US – 1st Printing edition (January 1, 2002)
  • Language: English

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This book unlocks the rice cookers potential for the American kitchen.


Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufmann’s The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook offers 250 timesaving, convenient, and healthy recipes for making everything from simple white rice to full-course meals. This cookbook proves the rice cooker–which tends to have a bad rap as a never-opened or oft-neglected wedding gift–can be surprisingly versatile: not only does it prepare your rice, it can be used for every dinner course–salad, soup, vegetable, entree, and even dessert. There is a complete buying and cooking guide for the many rice varieties, as well as other whole grains such as barley, millet, wheat berry, and quinoa. Many of the recipes provide convenient alternative cooking methods for traditional dishes like Italian risottos (the Italian Sausage Risotto is wonderful). Hensperger and Kaufmann show the rice cooker can also work miracles for hot breakfast cereals and porridges with such recipes as Hot Fruited Oatmeal. Delightful main courses include Steamed Ginger Salmon and Asparagus in Black Bean Sauce, and the meal is done almost exclusively within the rice cooker for simple preparation and cleanup. The dessert section has many ideas beyond the expected Old-Fashioned Rice Pudding–the Poached Pears with Grand Marnier Custard Sauce is one elegant and sophisticated example. Both authors of this cookbook are seasoned food writers and this combined effort gives tasty, easy, and healthy recipes that will motivate you to use what has been, until now, an underutilized appliance. –Teresa Simanton

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From Library Journal

Hensperger is well known as the author of a dozen or so books on bread. Here, she and Kaufmann, food editor of the San Jose Mercury News, show just how versatile a simple rice cooker can be. They start with rice, of course, providing an excellent guide to the numerous varieties now available and cooking directions. Included are recipes for dozens of rice dishes from risotto to sushi and a chapter on other grains. There are also recipes that use the cooker to steam vegetables, main dishes, dim sum, and tamales, and readers will find a good assortment of desserts, from silky custards to creamy puddings. Other books, such as Stephanie Lyness’s Cooking with Steam (o.p.), have focused on various aspects of “steam cuisine,” but Hensperger and Kaufmann’s is far more ambitious and wide-ranging. For most collections. Copyright 2001 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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I bought a rice cooker, learned the basics of preparing rice and then wanted to expand my skills. So I bought a few cookbooks but this is the ONLY one that has recipes my whole family loves, so much so that we use it at least 3-5 times a week and never feel like we’re eating the same thing. The recipes aren’t just for rice but for all sorts of grains and vegetables and fruits as well. In fact, I’m ready to throw out my crockpot because the meals prepared in the rice cooker are much better, don’t have that overcooked, stewed taste you can get with a crockpot and have all the convenience and ease that I need with my busy schedule. The directions are clear and the recipes range from the simple (plain cooked grains) to the more complex (rice with coconut and currants… or grits with cheese and spices ) The ultimate test of a good cookbook, of course, is getting compliments and raves about the food. Every time I’ve made a recipe from this book, the food has been devoured quickly. We rarely have leftovers and my son’s friends even make a point of looking in the kitchen to see if the rice cooker is turned on ( yes, the recipes in this cookbook are THAT good).

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