The Very Best Of Recipes for Health: 250 Recipes and More from the Popular Feature on by Martha Rose Shulman, 1605295736

The Very Best Of Recipes for Health: 250 Recipes and More from the Popular Feature on

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  • Title: The Very Best Of Recipes for Health: 250 Recipes and More from the Popular Feature on
  • Autor: Martha Rose Shulman
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Rodale Books; 9.4.2010 edition (August 31, 2010)
  • Language: English

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From the celebrated food columnist come her favorite ways to use seasonal produce and a well-stocked pantry to create easy, nutritious meals every day of the week

From its inception, “Recipes for Health” has been one of the New York Times’s most-read (and e-mailed) features, showing health-conscious readers fast, no-fuss ways to turn seasonal produce, whole grains, and other nutritious ingredients into easy weeknight meals. Now, the most popular have been gathered into one comprehensive, convenient volume.

Shulman shows how to fill your refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets with healthy staples such as beans, grains, extra virgin olive oil, tuna, eggs, yogurt, and tomato sauce, so that you are prepared to cook delicious dishes like Asparagus and Herb Frittata, Quinoa Salad with Lime Ginger Dressing and Shrimp, or Pizza Marinara with Tuna and Capers in minutes. Vegans and vegetarians will discover an entire selection of tofu recipes, from stir-fries to sandwiches, and even a tofu cheesecake. Those who frequent the farmers’ market will appreciate her extensive collection of dishes for virtually every vegetable under the sun.

Full of lists, explanations, and tips, The Very Best of Recipes for Health will help you cook and eat better all year long.

About the Author

MARTHA ROSE SHULMAN is the author of more than 25 books. Her articles have appeared in Bon Appétit and Food & Wine magazines, and she has been featured on national media. Her column appears daily on She lives in Los Angeles

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I’ve bought a lot of cookbooks in my day, but this is a favorite. Overall, I find Shulman’s recipes to be the perfect mix of healthy and delicious. This isn’t tasteless diet food–it’s food that’s about enjoying fresh ingredients and flavors without covering them up with excessive salt or fat. Unlike Cooking Light and some other healthy recipe sources, she’s usually realistic about how much salt, cheese, etc. a recipe needs and what size serving a normal adult person might eat, so you know what you’re getting into in terms of servings/calories/sodium when you look at the nutritional information. I’ve only had this book for a month, and I already have about a half-dozen recipes that are on my “repeat list.” Many are fast and simple enough for weeknight dinners (unless you’re allergic to chopping and using a few different pots). Things like making simmered beans are reserved for the weekends, but Shulman usually provides helpful notes about what can be prepped ahead of time, how to store, and how long leftovers last in the refrigerator/freezer. All her notes on storage, substitutions, etc. are helpful and realistic–if she tells you to do something the long way, there’s probably a good reason for it. The book has a great index and is well-organized into sections including breakfast, salads, soups, simple vegetables, pastas and grains, veggie entrees, and a final chapter on fish/poultry. As others have mentioned, this is not a book for someone who believes every meal has to include meat. But for the vegetarian and the veggie-friendly, this is a keeper.

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