The Wine Maker’s Answer Book: Solutions to Every Problem; Answers to Every Question by Alison Crowe, Book Download 1580176569

April 13, 2018

The Wine Maker's Answer Book: Solutions to Every Problem; Answers to Every Question

Whether you’re curious about procuring basic equipment or struggling to grasp the finer points of fermentation, Alison Crowe has expert answers to all of your winemaking questions. With straightforward advice on everything from the best way to press fruit to how long you should cellar your wine, Crowe has you covered throughout the entire winemaking process. Packed with encouragement and proven solutions, The Winemaker’s Answer Book will have even the most bewildered winemaker confidently bottling up batch after batch of delectable homemade wine. 


“A handy little book that explains winemaking in terms and techniques in a friendly clear tone.” Sacramento Magazine 

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From the Back Cover

Alison Crowe, WineMaker magazine’s popular “Wine Wizard,” supplies practical, easy-to-follow answers to every question and problem that stands between you and your perfect vintage—from choosing the raw ingredients to fully understanding the mysteries of fermentation. Smooth and well-balanced, this broad range of winemaking solutions will satisfy the most inquisitive vintner.

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I haven’t read many books on wine making and may not ever have the time. I love making wine and am improving. But not fanatical about reading the latest trend or advice. The stuff is down there in my basement doing what God decrees without a great deal of assistance on my part. Ms Crowe’s advice is designed to keep the evil-one out of the process. Wine making involves only a few precepts set in stone: 1) Begin with the best materials you can afford. 2) Don’t be impatient. 3) Don’t mess it up. Alison Crowe addresses each of these in turn but the major emphasis is on #3 as it should be. Ms Crowe has been the resident “Wine Wizard” for Winemaker Magazine almost from its inception 15 yrs ago. The book appears to be a distillation of her contributions there. Seldom in my life have I come across such sensible practical help from anybody. Even the great and omnipotent Tim Vandegrift is no more than her equal. If you want to make good wine you should read this book.
This book is not for the average wine lover or for someone trying to learn about wine regions or varietals.This is actually a book for somebody who already have these notions and stir in a different direction:WINE MAKING, as the title suggests.So if you are a waiter or a cook ,stay away from it and focused on different readings..
Great book describes all most people need to know, about winemaking. You will not be disappointed.

  • Title: The Wine Maker’s Answer Book: Solutions to Every Problem; Answers to Every Question
  • Autor: Alison Crowe
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Storey Publishing, LLC (March 14, 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 1580176569
  • ISBN-13: | 978-1580176569
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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