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December 29, 2017

Tokyo Vegan Guide: The Plant-Based Foodie's Guide to Japan's Capital

  • Title: Tokyo Vegan Guide: The Plant-Based Foodie’s Guide to Japan’s Capital
  • Autor: Chiara Park Terzuolo
  • Print Length: 118 pages
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Green Mountains Press (August 6, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B074M3ZP73
  • ISBN-10: , 0578195208
  • ISBN-13: , 978-0578195209
  • File Format: EPUB, PDF

Known as the land of sushi, Japan may seem a bit daunting to vegan and vegetarian visitors. But have no fear, not only can you survive in Tokyo while keeping to a plant-based diet, but thrive on delicious meals and snacks!

The Tokyo Vegan Guide contains everything you need to know to enjoy delicious meals and make the most of your time in the city:

*Reviews of over 50 vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants across Tokyo, including price ranges and easy walking directions
*Compact travel guides and sightseeing recommendations near the restaurants
*Tips about how to find vegan-friendly budget options in convenience stores, supermarkets and even major restaurant chains!
*Bonus information for gluten-free and halal foodies
*A useful glossary with helpful phrases, common words and a clear explanation of veganism in Japanese
*As a special gift, a mini vegan guide to Kyoto is included!

Written by the Tokyo-based, (self-professed) vegan gourmet and travel writer Chiara Terzuolo, this guide to Japan’s capital will allow you to eat your way through the city without any worries, while getting a taste for real Japanese plant-based cuisine.

About the Author

Chiara began traipsing about Japan around 2007, and has been a Tokyo resident since 2011. A travel specialist and writer, she has written for various media, including Japan Today, GaijinPot, Jetsetter and All About, as well as being featured on the Wall Street Journal and NHK. Chiara spends a good deal of time exploring remote areas of Japan, looking for vegan-friendly local foods, coffee and a place to plug in her laptop. She was inspired to write her first book, the ‘Tokyo Vegan Guide’, to help the growing number of vegan visitors to Japan’s capital find meals worthy of traveling across the ocean for.


I’ve lived in Tokyo for the last ten years and, while I’m not a vegan, I often have people who come to visit me with vegetarian or vegan diets and I have always been clueless about where to take them that’s not too far from away from the popular tourist sites. After reading this book, I can now take my visitors around the city and feel comforted with the fact that I can find good vegan nearby. Thank you, Chiara, for making this easy and giving me a place to point my visitors with vegan/vegetarian lifestyles. Chiara has even included a small section on Kyoto and good places to find desserts. This book is clearly well-researched and done and includes brief recommendations on popular tourist spots as well. I also appreciate that she has included a list of words in Japanese at the back of the book to help communicate with the restaurants to explain that you don’t eat meat! Thank you so much, Chiara!

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