Vegan Under Pressure: Perfect Vegan Meals Made Quick and Easy in Your Pressure Cooker by Jill Nussinow, 0544464028

Vegan Under Pressure: Perfect Vegan Meals Made Quick and Easy in Your Pressure Cooker

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  • Title: Vegan Under Pressure: Perfect Vegan Meals Made Quick and Easy in Your Pressure Cooker
  • Autor: Jill Nussinow
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (January 12, 2016)
  • Language: English

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Vegan cooking made fast, fresh, and flavorful with the convenience of a pressure cooker

For the growing number of people who eat vegan, a pressure cooker is a blessing when it comes to saving time and enjoying a wider variety of foods on a regular basis. The pressure cooker drastically shortens the cooking times of healthful vegan staples such as dried beans and ancient grains: suddenly hummus from scratch and braised artichokes become weeknight fare. In Vegan Under Pressure, Jill Nussinow shows how to use the appliance safely and effectively, and reveals the breadth of vegan fare that can be made using a pressure cooker, including Roasted Pepper and White Bean Dip, Harissa-Glazed Carrots with Green Olives, Pozole Chili, Farro Salad with Tomatoes and Arugula, Thai Summer Vegetable Curry, a chapter of veggie burgers, Cornbread, Pear-Almond Upside Down Cake, and DIY soy milk and seitan.

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I’m strict vegetarian, I’m new to pressure cooking (hello,  Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker! ), I’m busy, and I’m chomping at the bit to use the Instant Pot as much as possible. Enter Jill Nussinow’s *fantastic* cookbook! I recently ordered and reviewed another Instant Pot cookbook, and was *so* disappointed in it (gave one of the few 2 star reviews I’ve ever given of a cookbook!) This book is the antithesis of that book! HOLY COW! This book packs over *250 pages* of actual recipes! That’s *excluding* things like the introduction, chapter overviews, the index, etc.. I’m talking *actual recipes*! And oh, what recipes they are! I was pleased as punch that her very first recipe in the whole book was for berbere; I knew right then I was going to love the book. (I’ve made my own blend for berbere for years, and in fact nervously served my berbere-spiced meal to a fellow student who was from Nigeria – she pronounced it ‘excellent’..whew! But that was then – nearly 30 years ago, and this is now, and I digress… .) One of the things that I really like about this book is that she incorporate instructions for both stovetop and electric pressure cookers right into the recipe, as casually as you please. They are just *there*, when and where you need them. And, if you *don’t* need the directions to differentiate between stovetop and electric (say that the directions are “lock on the lid, bring to high pressure, and cook for 4 minutes”), she doesn’t bloat the recipe with unnecessary directions! I mean, how simple and obvious is that? The one thing that was a bit disappointing is that the dessert section is rather small (yeah, that’s one of the first things I check out in a cookbook..)..but she makes up for it with excellent – and creative – appetizer and topping chapters, plus the desserts that she does have are A-mazing! And speaking of creative, another thing that I really like about this book is that it’s a great mix of old standards and comfort food recipes (steel cut oatmeal, lentil soup, creamy mushroom soup), and creative, interesting and, dare I say it, even trendy ones (Kale, Chard and Dandelion Spread, anyone)? All in all, this plant-based pressure cooker recipe cookbook is a great addition to your pressure cooking cookbook collection, regardless of whether or not you’re vegan! One caution I do have to give generally about buying soft-covered books from Amazon these days is that Amazon has started shipping paperback book in soft, padded envelopes, via the post office, instead of UPS. And, at least where I am, USPS *rolls them up* and *stuffs them in your mailbox*!! I’ve had every single soft-covered book that I’ve ordered from Amazon in the past month warped in this way! :~(

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