Wine Making for the Total Novice by Kyle Richards, PDF Download 1502746433

April 7, 2018

 Wine Making for the Total Novice by Kyle Richards, PDF Download 1502746433

**SPECIAL** – On sale now until 8/27/2016, regularly priced at $10.50, special sale price $6.95. Pick up your copy now at this discount. If you’re a wine connoisseur or a casual weekend sipper, Wine Making for the Total Novice is the perfect guide to put the pride and pleasure of wine making into your hands! Don’t be intimidated by the acres of grapes and barns of heavy equipment at the vineyards, you can make delicious wine at home, and this book shows you how! No need for experience, we’ve broken the process down into simple steps so anybody can make delicious, fragrant wine in your own home and have fun doing it! Share with family and friends or save it for special occasions. It is so rewarding to give a bottle of wine you made to a friend or loved one as a gift. Some common questions people who have never made wine before are: · What kind of grapes should I use? · What equipment do I need? · How expensive is that equipment? · Is it difficult to make wine from my home? · How is wine made? This book addresses these questions and more. With our simple process your favorite wine will soon have your name on the label! No more staring at endless shelves of overpriced mystery wines at the store. Wine Making for the Total Novice will ensure that you can start making wine in no time!

About the Author

Author Kyle Richards’ interests embrace everything from the beauty of the natural world, artistic expression through watercolor painting, and the warmth and joy of family life. He is an enthusiastic creator who explores the beauty in everything he encounters in his life in the lovely Pacific Northwest. His skill as an author extends to both nonfiction and fiction. He has written on a variety of nonfiction topics that range from health topics, to some excellent how to books that include not only clear instructions, but an in depth perspective on how to create healthy, delicious food alternatives. As a father of two and grandfather of five, he keeps busy. Kyle Richards is an author who is in love with world around him and he gives that gift to every reader with generosity and wisdom.

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For your first batch of wine all you need is this 49-page book, a new or recycled gallon or 4L wine jug, sugar or honey, and seasonal fruit. Also a bung and airlock, and a recommended Campden tablet (all available on Amazon). If you buy wine for drinking or cooking, I suggest a 4L jug of C Rossi Burgandy or Merlot for about $14 at your WMart discount store. Either drink it of freeze it in Ice cube trays (then keep in freezer bags) for Beef Burgandy or sautéed mushrooms. BTW, the #6 bung fits the CRossi jug. A tip, rinse out wine bottles and jugs immediately. Store them upside down to keep insects and dust out with a bit of crumpled paper stuffed in opening. This makes it so much easier for reuse.
Very concise history, definitions and wine making techniques, stressing the sanitization process. I used to make beer so can relate to this. I have several wine making friends also, and this demystifies some of what they do, though I do try to be part of the process whenever possible to get a real feel. For the home winemaker, this is an invaluable guide. Author of a practical guide to living in Baja Norte… My Gold Coast—Baja: A Practical Guide
This book was helpful being a total novice winemaker. It listed a quick review of the main variety of grapes from which wine is made. To some it may seem redundant they keep talking about sanitizing the equipment, but they want you to have a pleasant and rewarding experience. I would recommend this book to anyone thinking about making their own wine.

  • Title: Wine Making for the Total Novice
  • Autor: Kyle Richards
  • Publisher (Publication Date): CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 7, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 1502746433
  • ISBN-13: | 978-1502746436
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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