The Food Packaging Forum is a charitable foundation under Swiss law, established in mid-2012. The Food Packaging Forum works according to our set principles.

Donations to the Food Packaging Forum are made unconditionally. We welcome donations from anyone wishing to support our work. Current donors are: Bucher Emhart Glass, Consol, OI, Vetropack, Verallia, Vidrala and BA Glass. The Food Packaging Forum has also received project-related funding from the European Environmental Health Initiative, H M Stiftung, MAVA Foundation, Plastics Solution Fund, Gallifrey Foundation, Greengrants, Fondation Valery, Fondation Didier et Martine Primat, Wilsdorf Mettler Future Foundation, Spronck Foundation, Sympany Foundation, Minerva Stiftung, Minderoo Foundation, Environmental Defense Fund, Tides Foundation, Norwegian Research Council, the European Commission and the EU Commission’s Horizon 2020 research funding program, as well as from other private donors. We thank our donors and funders for their support. We are also grateful to Armstrong B2B Marketing for supporting us with the development of our Fact Sheet.

All funds are controlled by the independent foundation board and used in line with the foundation’s purpose:

  • to provide balanced and high quality scientific information on food contact chemicals and health
  • to increase scientific awareness for food contact chemicals and health concerning all types of food contact materials and articles
  • to establish a platform for a dialogue on food contact chemicals and health between all stakeholders
The Food Packaging Forum is not a grant making foundation.