The Food Packaging Forum’s Scientific Advisory Board consists of renowned academic scientists from all over the world with expertise ranging from analytical chemistry over ecotoxicology to epidemiology, science communication and science policy. Members of the Scientific Advisory Board support the FPF in their personal capacity as professionals. They do not represent their home institutions and receive no financial compensations. Affiliations are merely given for informational purposes. 
Anna-Maria AnderssonRigshospitalet, DenmarkBiomonitoring, clinical health effects, endocrine disruptors
Scott BelcherCenter for Health and the Human Environment, North Carolina State UniversityEndocrine disruptors, environmental health, biomonitoring, mechanisms of toxicity
Terrence CollinsCarnegie Mellon University, United StatesGreen chemistry, environmental health, mechanisms of oxidation catalysis
Ksenia GrohEawag (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology), SwitzerlandMechanistic toxicology, mass spectrometry-based bioanalytics, alternative testing methods
Jerrold J. HeindelProgram in Endocrine Disruption Strategies, Commonweal, United States of AmericaEndocrine disruptors, developmental origins of disease, metabolic disruptors
Maricel MaffiniIndependent consultant, United States of AmericaFood additives safety assessment, endocrine disruptors
Olwenn MartinBrunel University London, United KingdomEndocrine disruptors, mixture risk assessment, chemical policy
Angel NadalUniversidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche, SpainEndocrine disruptors, molecular endocrinology, diabetes mellitus
Cristina NerinUniversity of Zaragoza, SpainAnalytical chemistry, materials chemistry, food packaging, food safety
Tufts University Boston, United States of America / University of Ulster, United KingdomCarcinogenesis, developmental origins of adult disease, endocrine disruptors
Leonardo TrasandeNew York University, United States of AmericaEndocrine disruptors, metabolic disruptors, cardiovascular and renal risks, cost of illness analyses
Martin WagnerNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyEndocrine disruptors, plastic pollution, unknown chemicals, bioassays
R. Thomas ZoellerUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst, United States of AmericaMolecular biology, thyroid hormone and brain development, endocrine disruptors

Scientific Advisory Board AMA events

An AMA (Ask Me Anything) is an online event where a person or group, often notable figures or experts in a specific field, answer questions from the community on a wide range of topics, providing a unique opportunity for direct and interactive communication. FPF organized AMAs to provide the chance for anyone to ask questions of a room full of scientists dedicated to the study of human health, green chemistry, plastic and chemical pollution, microplastics, endocrine disruption, and more.