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Understanding Packaging (UP) Scorecard

The Food Packaging Forum is the host organization of the UP Scorecard – a free, easy-to-use web-based tool to assess the sustainability impacts of common foodware and food packaging choices

About the UP Scorecard

The Understanding Packaging (UP) Scorecard is a science-based online tool to help users select foodware and food packaging that is safe and environmentally sustainable.The UP Scorecard measures commonly used foodware and food packaging materials with a single yardstick to offer the first-ever, free, and comprehensive tool for making sustainable purchasing decisions for these products based on the latest available science. Scores are provided for plastic pollution, chemicals of concern, climate, water use, sustainable sourcing, and recoverability. Developed through an unprecedented collaboration of leading food service companies, NGOs and technical experts, the UP Scorecard provides an authoritative resource for businesses as well as for environmental and human health advocates.To use the tool and learn more about its purpose, scientific methodology, and ongoing development, visit the official UP Scorecard website using the two links below.

Food Packaging Forum's Role

The UP Scorecard is being further developed and managed by the Single-Use Material Decelerator (SUM’D), which is a passionate and dedicated team of leading food service companies, NGOs, and technical experts. The Food Packaging Forum is a member of the SUM’D, and it was also selected by the SUM’D to serve as the official host organization of the UP Scorecard.Ongoing development of the UP Scorecard is being made possible through the generous financial support of and . 
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