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On September 28, 2023, the Food Packaging Forum held its 11th annual workshop under the theme of achieving safe & sustainable food packaging and assessing where we are now. Featuring a diverse range of expert speakers representing different stakeholder groups, participants heard keynote presentations on the latest science and policy, discussed key questions in break-out groups, engaged in an in-depth panel discussion on reuse, and shared their perspectives and open questions. Over 170 registered participants from more than 20 different countries followed the event in person or virtually.

The Food Packaging Forum has been granted permission from the speakers to publish the keynote presentations and their accompanying slides. The keynote presentation recordings and their slides are available below. Check out the news articles for the morning session and afternoon session summarizing key messages from each of the presentations. The SwapCard will remain open for registered participants to continue discussing with one another and networking. For any questions related to the workshop, please contact events(at)


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