EU policymakers push to address PPWR sticking points during final negotiations

Looming March 4th deadline pressures EU institutions to find agreement on open points within the draft Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR); steering note from Belgian presidency calls for compromises, highlights key topics; stakeholders express concerns over draft regulation’s lightweighting of materials, requirement for closed loop recycling processes, and handling of chemical safety

JRC weighs in on PPWR reusable packaging debate

European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) case studies favor reusable over single-use packaging in reducing environmental impacts; consumer behavior, washing practices significant factor in footprint of reusables; manufacturing a significant factor for single-use; covers to-go beverage, take-away food, wine bottles, restaurant scenario; performed the study for packaging and packaging waste regulation (PPWR) policy process; final report expected November 2023

European Commission allows DEHCH for food contact

DEHCH deemed safe as additives in PVC for food contact; comes into effect 20 days after publication in EU’s Official Journal

European Commission reports on public consultation about FCM revision

European Commission (EC) publishes final report on consultation period concerning FCM policy revision; results feature citizens’ and stakeholder’s opinions on extent of FCM policy; Commission adoption planned for second quarter of 2023

FPF submits feedback on packaging and packaging waste regulation

Food Packaging Forum (FPF) responds to European Commission’s call for feedback on the proposed packaging and packaging waste regulation (PPWR); FPF highlights aspects of food packaging and chemical safety that should be included in future versions; primarily (i) considering presence of hazardous chemicals in packaging materials meant to be recycled or reused, (ii) clearly defining compostable packaging and guaranteeing safety, and (iii) defining inertness

European Commission introduces EDC subcategories and new hazard classes in CLP revision

Commission amends regulation on classification, labeling, and packaging (CLP) of chemicals and mixtures; endocrine disrupting chemicals now categorized into known or presumed and suspected endocrine disruptors; introduces four hazard classes from REACH

European Commission proposes Green Claims Directive

European Commission seeks to combat ‘green washing’; proposal would regulate environmental claims and promote transparent communication to consumers; product claims will need to be independently verified, will launch new database of trustworthy labels

New EU rules on FCMs must be science based, simpler, and enforced

Food Packaging Forum comments on European Commission’s public consultation on its revision of EU rules on food contact materials (FCMs); stresses the importance of revising the definition of safety and aligning FCM regulations with EU strategies on chemical sustainability and circular economy

Ways forward to improve polymer assessment and management

Critical review evaluates regulatory approaches of polymer assessment and management; identifies critical knowledge gaps by comparison with recent scientific findings; proposes policy options for safe and sustainable polymer use; suggest more transparency, standardized testing procedures, and improved understanding of environmental fate and hazards

EC proposes revisions to packaging and waste legislation

European Commission (EC) publishes proposal to revise the EU legislation on packaging and packaging waste; includes mandatory targets for waste reduction, re-use, and minimum recycled content in plastic packaging; based on three problems identified by an impact assessment: growing packaging waste generation, barriers to packaging recycling and re-use, and low recycling quality in plastic packaging