JRC publishes case studies on single-use versus reusable packaging

European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) publishes life cycle assessment (LCA) case studies covering five single-use versus reusable packaging scenarios; incorporates 16 impacts; paper production practices and consumer behavior play significant role in final, single impact score; reuse tended to perform better in most scenarios, significantly so when comparing reusable glass bottles versus single-use glass

JRC weighs in on PPWR reusable packaging debate

European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) case studies favor reusable over single-use packaging in reducing environmental impacts; consumer behavior, washing practices significant factor in footprint of reusables; manufacturing a significant factor for single-use; covers to-go beverage, take-away food, wine bottles, restaurant scenario; performed the study for packaging and packaging waste regulation (PPWR) policy process; final report expected November 2023

JRC Symposium compares microplastic analysis methods

European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) symposium summarizes current approaches for microplastic monitoring; research institutions present results of 4 inter-laboratory microplastic analysis comparison studies; no ‘one-size-fits-all’ analytical method, presenters emphasize need for harmonization; Commission outlines policy needs

JRC report on science for food

European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) launches report on science for food; publication to inform pending Farm to Fork Strategy; includes overview of JRC’s previous and current work on food contact materials

First annual EU forum on endocrine disruptors

Event brings together EU government agencies, research institutions, stakeholders to discuss endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs); Joint Research Centre (JRC) announces upcoming launch of stakeholder survey to inform ongoing fitness check of EU legislation

JRC: Avoid pre-heating for migration testing

EU Reference Laboratory for Food Contact Materials completes study on the impacts of pre-heating food contact materials before migration testing; advises reference laboratories to avoid pre-heating

JRC updates footprint methods

European Commission Joint Research Center updates its product and organizational environmental footprint methods; now includes characterization factors for more chemicals describing freshwater ecotoxicity, non-cancer and cancer toxicity

JRC informs about chemicals in food packaging

EU Joint Research Centre highlights Commission’s efforts in ensuring safety of food contact materials in new 2-page document

JRC report on PAH migration

EU Joint Research Centre develops method to determine migration of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from plastic and rubber articles with focus on dermal contact

EFSA and JRC continue to collaborate

EFSA and EU Joint Research Centre reinforce cooperation in food and feed safety areas, including food contact materials