Drinks industry under pressure to implement reuse models

Daily Mail reports on environmental campaigners call to action for more sustainable beverage packaging; based on Zero Waste Europe report; says beverage packaging sector will not reach climate targets without deposit return schemes

Report assesses benefits of increasing reusable beverage packaging

Estimates that ten percent increase in reusable packaging by 2030 could eliminate over 1 trillion single-use plastic bottles and cups; finds expanding reuse to be more effective than expanding recycling; calls for beverage companies to set reuse targets

FPF fact sheet on reusable food packaging and foodware

The Food Packaging Forum publishes fact sheet on reuse; outlines critical factors to consider when switching to reuse

2023 FPF Workshop: Assessing and implementing safe and sustainable FCMs

In the afternoon of the Food Packaging Forum’s 11th annual workshop, speakers shared businesses experiences on the path towards more safe and sustainable food packaging; five talks and one panel discussion present opportunities, challenges, and case studies; representatives from several large international businesses shared approaches their organizations use to respond to safety and sustainability challenges; reusable packaging founders discuss the unique issues of changing the food packaging field

Civil society organizations introduce new certification program for reusable food packaging

Standard aims at improving chemical safety of reusable food contact articles and reducing plastic waste; involves rigorous testing and transparency of ingredients used in the packaging

Reusable take-away food packaging outperforms single-use in greenhouse gas emissions, report says

Zero Waste Europe investigates CO2 emissions of reusable and single use take-away packaging; models suggest that switching to reuse results in less emissions for most packaging; includes number of rotations and return rates to reach breakeven point

ZWE critiques industry-funded Life Cycle Assessments on reusable packaging in new report

Zero Waste Europe compares three packaging life cycle assessment (LCA) studies; two are industry-funded, one is published by a university; finds that industry funding introduces heavy biases when making assumptions about reuse systems; also finds industry-funded reports lack transparency in methodologies

Report analyzes economic impact of deposit return systems

CRI and Reloop collaborate on assessing if there is a correlation between beverage sales and implementation of reuse systems; study is based on real-world empirical data; did not find definitive link

Canada and Germany propose plans to reduce plastic, support reusable packaging

Canada proposes large grocery retailers implement measures to reduce food contact plastics; includes removing plastics from certain products, reuse/refill, and recycling targets; Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment drafted a similar law; Canadian government seeking feedback from stakeholders until August 30, 2023

ZWE examines aspects and challenges of sustainable packaging in three reports

Reports by Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) and partners examine decarbonization pathways of beverage containers, urge rethinking single-use glass and transition towards reuse, and investigates the economic viability of reusable food packaging